Friday, November 17, 2017

The Flag Fondler

Trump attacks Senator Al Franken after grope allegation
US President Donald Trump has joined the criticism of Democratic Senator Al Franken after he admitted to groping a sleeping woman during a comedy tour.
On Twitter Mr Trump called him "Al Frankenstien" - a misspelled reference to the undead monster - and mocked his previous advocacy for women's' rights.

Trump on Franken: Pot discusses sins of the kettle. - Stephen King

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

If you want to turn away Syrian Refugees because you're Christian and they're Muslim, just know that you got the 'they're Muslim' part right. - John Fugelsang

Guess What? More Trump/Russia Ties. This Time, Russian Mafia!
Investors and customers of the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama City carried deep ties to organized crime and drug trafficking, according to an NBC News and Reuters joint investigation.

I read that the FBI is now investigating Russian embassy payments. And get this — there was one memo that was actually labeled "to finance election campaign of 2016." Even people who use the word “password” as their password were like, “Seriously?” - Jimmy Fallon

But it wouldn't be prudent...

8th Woman Says Former President Bush Groped Her
An eighth woman has come forward with claims that former US president George HW Bush groped her.
An interpreter, whom the BBC has agreed not to name because of the sensitive nature of her job, claims Mr Bush touched her inappropriately in 2004

The president hasn't weighed in on the biggest story of the week, Roy Moore. Donald Trump's in a real bind. On one hand, he doesn't want to support an accused pedophile for Senate. His other hand is grabbing a woman by the — you know what I'm saying. - Jimmy Kimmel

Republican Shenanigans

Q: What's the difference between Donald Trump and Roy Moore?
A: Trump admitted his sexual assault. - Tea Pain

Meanwhile, Back At Bob Mueller's Office
Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have issued a subpoena to President Trump’s election campaign for documents related to Russia...Mueller’s team issued the subpoena in mid-October, requesting documents and emails from over a dozen top campaign officials that include several keywords related to Russia.

Republicans are reportedly hoping that President Trump will pressure Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to drop out of the race. And Roy Moore still might not drop out, but at least he’ll know what it’s like to be pressured by an older man. - Seth Myers


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Look, if we forced every sexual predator to resign we’d have no government. Which would be an enormous improvement over what we have now.- Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Al?  Franken??!  Men have dropped their balls!  Step outta the way and let women show you how you how to behave honorably! Vote for women!!- Bette Midler

I'm With Hillary. I Believe Trump Is An Illegitimate President
A year after her defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton says “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” due to Russian interference and widespread voter suppression efforts.

CORRECTION: This meme I posted yesterday is not true. Sorry for any humor inconvenience.


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Business/Tech News

It was cruel enough for them to take your health care to get back at Obama. Downright sinister to take your health care to fund tax cuts for billionaires.- Sen. Chris Murphy

Of Course The Keystone Pipeline Leaked And It Will Again
 TransCanada Corp (TRP.TO) shut part of its Keystone oil pipeline system after a 5,000-barrel leak in South Dakota, the company said on Thursday, four days before neighboring Nebraska was set to decide on the company’s long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline.

If you think lifting the elephant trophy ban is bad, wait until 2018 when Trump legalizes sport-hunting humans. - Erik Bransteen


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