Friday, July 19, 2024

Biden's campaign says he'll be back on the trail next week despite Democratic doubts

Biden's campaign says he'll be back on the trail next week despite Democratic doubts
... Biden is planning to be back on the trail next week, the chair of his campaign said, making the case that party leaders should look at strong grassroots support for his candidacy and resolve their doubts over whether he should stay in the race for a second term.

Brown folks are sticking with Joe, and I’m sticking with them. Period. 

White Dems need to get on board. 

Y’all showing your true selves. 

Panic and fear should harden your resolve, not your doubts. 

You act like the world’s ending because things  are tough. Brown folks call that “Tuesday.”  - TheReelRandom

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

Ana Navarro  about Trump's godawful RNC convention speech: If this was Biden, he would've been put in straightjacket, strapped to a hand truck and wheeled out of the convention wearing a Hannibal Lecter bite mask.

Whoever Believed That Trump Was Going To Take A Softer Tone Are Now Eating Their Words
For more than 90 minutes, Trump's unfocused, combative speech showed that little has really changed over the last week...As with most things Trump, though, any shift away from his usual bombast was surface level — at best. The facade of a new Trump evaporated quickly, just like the last several times we were promised a new Trump.

Every single journalist and news anchor who spoke over the past few days about Trump’s “new tone” should resign in embarrassment. - Jon Cooper

Republican Shenanigans

RNC Ends on High Note as Ghost of Jeffrey Epstein Endorses Trump. - Andy Borowitz

The Best Way To Lose To Trump, Is To Leave Biden or Harris Off The Ticket. Remember 14 Million Americans Voted For Them In The Primary And They'll Be PO'd. Plus Frank Luntz Is A Dumba**
Pollster and political strategist Frank Luntz offered three Democrats who could replace President Joe Biden and potentially defeat former President Donald Trump and not one was Vice President Kamala Harris.

Do Dems know you are supposed to run against the opposing candidate and not your own? - Brett Meiselas 

Will Donald wear the maxi pad on his ear up until Election Day? - Kimberley Johnson


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Rock The Voter News

AOC is the anti hero of the series. That spent a lot of the season being a rival and undermining Your rule but when the big dogs suddenly betray you at the season finale, she has your back. - Terry Lee Watkins Jr

New Democratic PAC Wants To Sack Biden
Pass the Torch, a new Democratic political action committee founded as “a grassroots campaign to call on President Biden to step aside as the nominee for President and support the candidate best able to beat Trump” is running a new ad meant to catch the president’s eye in Washington, D.C. and his home state of Delaware.

The worst thing that could happen during Biden's second term is that he dies... and we get Kamala Harris. I am okay with that. 

The worst thing that could happen during Trump's second term is that the USA descends into full blown fascism. I am not okay with that. - SussexHenryVIII


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Business/Tech News

I am a proud union member. Every single Democrat voted to protect the pensions of 350,000 Teamsters from being cut by 65%. Every single Republican voted no. Every last one. - Dayna Steele

My sweet, young Costa Rican friend posted this on facebook.

Biden’s economy is so strong kid rock and hulk hogan found jobs. - miketee

Florida Wants To Make Money Laundering Cool Again?

“Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.”
Bob Newhart ~ 9/5/1929 - 7/18/2024 


Thursday, July 18, 2024

Biden Spokesman Shoots Down ‘Baseless’ Axios Story On Dropping Out

Biden Spokesman Shoots Down ‘Baseless’ Axios Story On Dropping Out
A spokesman for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign shot down a report suggesting that his team believes that “it’s now when, not if” the president announces he’s dropping out of the 2024 presidential race.

Well, there are multiple articles claiming Pelosi and Obama asked Biden to step down. Now is the time for Pelosi and Obama to speak up, loud and clear. Time's a wasting.

We want to promote the types of virtues that exist in Kyle Rittenhouse. - JD Vance

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

I am old enough to be having terrible flashbacks to 1968. I was a naive teenager among those who marched against Lyndon Johnson over Vietnam. Johnson had given us civil rights law but was hounded from the ticket, a tragic character. The result: the Chicago convention disaster, Richard Nixon, his Southern strategy, leading to civil war today. The short-sighted rush to push Joe Biden out is filled with such peril. And if Kamala Harris and Black voters are in turn bypassed, we lose the election and everything for generations. We lose democracy. Stop. Think. - Jeff Jarvis

Weird how the "liberal" media never ran a propaganda campaign to replace demented convicted felon, rapist, and insurrectionist Donald Trump. - Alex Cole

Republicans Are Proud Of Their Racism And Offer Tips, Too.

"citing multiple people briefed on Obama's thinking."

How the f--- does that pass for a reliable source for a reputable news organization? - Eric Gracia

Republican Shenanigans

JD Vance is about as Appalachian as Olive Garden is Italian

Grifters Gonna Grift.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy on CNN on Matt Gaetz: "He looks very unhinged. A lot of people have concerns about him, and I'm not sure if he was on something. But I do hope that he gets the help that he needs. More importantly, I hope the young women get the justice they deserve when it comes to him."

It’s like we’re living in an Alfred Hitchcock movie where everything has gone batshit crazy but no one notices. - Rachel Bitecofer

I can’t wait ‘til Trump takes off the bandage to reveal an entire ear. “When you’re a star, they just grow back. You can do anything.” - JoGo


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Rock The Voter News

Make no mistake: If elected, J.D. Vance will help implement the extreme Project 2025 plan for a second Trump term, which outlines a plan to restrict access to contraception and ban abortion nationwide.

We will stop them. - Kamala Harris

One Thing This Poll Confirms Is That Democrats Love Kamala Harris. I Sure Do.

I'm watching Kristen Welker and Lester Holt drone on and on about how great Republicans are doing on "toning it down" here in Milwaukee

This as delegates are waving placards, "Mass deportation now!" - Will Bunch

A mass deportation policy would rip apart American families and devastate our economy. 

It's also such a centerpiece of the Republican Party agenda that they had literal signs made. - Hillary Clinton

NOAA Predicts Hot Summer and Steamy Fall

My soul is soothed when beautiful music unexpectedly 
brings people together.

Biden gets COVID, he shows us his medical info. 
Trump gets "SHOT" and shows us a maxi pad. 



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
A unknown artist did this lovely painting. Lots of charming detail and mysterious shadows in the floor sunlight.