Friday, April 19, 2024

NYPD: Man Who Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump Courthouse is Alive and in Critical Condition

The New York Police Department provided updates on the man who lit himself on fire outside a Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump’s trial is taking place, saying that the man was still alive and in critical condition.

Trump's unhinged rhetoric will continue to inspire nutcases and the courts do nothing. 

Shocking absolutely no one, the insane man who set himself on fire outside Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan today was a Trump supporter who overdosed on conspiracy theories. - AmoneyRes

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

MTG stormed out furious with no comment.
Putin probably throwing champagne bottles out the window along with a few people. A good day for America. - Olga Lautman

SHOCKER: Moses Did The Right Thing

Mike Johnson Calls for Exorcism of Marjorie Taylor Greene. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

The MAGA majority just got their assess handed to them by their own Speaker. 

Again. - Rachel Bitecofer

I Wonder How Many Jurors Will Be Threatened or Bribed.

Trump Offers Each Juror $130,000 Not to Talk. - Andy Borowitz

Turns out Congress can actually get stuff done when Trump is tied up in court all day. - Kyle Keegan


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Rock The Voter News

A former US president/current candidate is currently on criminal trial and when asked to describe her impression of him, a dismissed juror just said, “he was less orange and more yellow” than she had expected.

Less orange and more yellow.

You can’t make this up folks. - JoJofromJerz

And The Beat Goes On...

Just a reminder that, yes, I STILL believe Anita Hill.


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Business/Tech News

So when do Alex Jones, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump start paying any of the millions they owe? Looks like f*cking never to me. - Kona Lowell

America: Where Hospitals Turn Away Uninsured Pregnant Women In Need
One woman miscarried in the lobby restroom of a Texas emergency room as front desk staff refused to admit her. Another woman learned that her fetus had no heartbeat at a Florida hospital, the day after a security guard turned her away from the facility. And in North Carolina, a woman gave birth in a car after an emergency room couldn't offer an ultrasound. The baby later died.

Can you imagine if Trump was jailed for a few days and had to come to court without his morning drug cocktail?  The horror. - Bill Johnson



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  1. If I had seen those horrible people putting bear cubs in danger in order to get selfies, I could not have stopped at getting video evidence.. I would currently be behind bars for assault!! 😳🤯🤬