Friday, March 29, 2024

Scaramucci on why more in GOP don’t oppose Trump: ‘They probably don’t like death threats’

Only seven more months till election day.
...“Well, they probably don’t like death threats, Nicolle, I think we could probably start there,” Scaramucci told MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” host Nicolle Wallace on Thursday when she asked him about why some of those who have interacted with Trump directly find it hard to speak up about the “danger” he poses

If you are watching us from outside the United States, it’s as bad as it looks. - John Collins

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Trump Releases ‘God Bless The USA’ Quran. - The Onion

Trump loves the police so much that he spent 3 hours watching them fight Trump supporters for their lives on January 6. - BlackKnight10k

Put Him In The Pokey!

I could give a rats *ss as to where Melania is….Am I alone? - Bebes-scrubs

Republican Shenanigans

John Eastman: “If they can disbar Rudy Giuliani they can do it to me!”

Gavin Newsom: “We just did.” - Captain Obvious

When Your "Projection Plan" Catches Up With You
A judge has found Georgia Republican Party official Brian Pritchard guilty of illegally voting nine times over several years. Pritchard has falsely asserted Democrats had stolen the 2020 election through fraud.

God Demands His Name Be Removed From Trump Bible. - Andy Borowitz


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Trump would have to sell 416,736 Bibles to raise the $25M Biden raised Thursday night. - Victoria Brownworth

Rock The Voter News

Biden, Obama, Clinton, and Colbert, all put on their aviators at the end before walking off the stage. As they walked off, Biden stopped, turned around and looked at the audience and said, dark Brandon is real.  - GallihughDel

Apparently, There Is Some Justice In Texas

I like when fundamentalist Christians put the 10 Commandments in public schools so children will know God's offended by stealing, coveting thy neighbor’s wife, coveting thy neighbor’s goods, adultery & bearing false witness.

And then they tell these kids to support Donald Trump. - John Fugelsang


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Business/Tech News

If you’re willing to spend $60 for a trump bible and $399 for trump sneakers, you shouldn’t complain about the economy. - Captain Obvious

I Accidentally Listened To Lara Trump Singing. The Poor Thing Thinks She Has A Singing Voice.
Republican National Committee (RNC) co-chair Lara Trump released her second single on Thursday evening and teased the release of several more songs in the near future.

Remember when he wanted to buy Greenland? - Rick Lenzie



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Perfect getaway for swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter. So idyllic.

Best wishes for a peaceful Easter.

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