Thursday, March 28, 2024

Fears grow over Comstock Act, Justices Thomas, Alito

Fears grow over Comstock Act, Justices Thomas, Alito
Abortion-rights supporters are sounding the alarm that conservative Supreme Court justices want to use a long-dormant law to enforce a nationwide abortion ban.

I guess setting back reproductive rights by 50 years wasn't enough for Republicans, now they want to go back 150 years with the Comstock Act.   

Vote Blue!. - Covie

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Trump Forced to Recall Copies of His Bible After it Mistakenly Included Nuclear Codes. - Andy Borowitz

Meanwhile, The White House Condemns Trump's Boss

Gym Jordan, who helped Trump plot a coup, hired an indicted Russian spy to take down 46 and blew off his own subpoena says he's 'going to hold Fani Willis in contempt.' 

Isn't this getting a little bit ridiculous? - Brown Eyed Susan

Republican Shenanigans

It’s ironic how the “lock her up” crowd is suddenly so concerned about political persecution. - John Collins

Sadly, the GOP & SCOTUS Do Not Care What Americans Want
A  record 59 percent of surveyed Americans believe abortion should be legal, according to a new Fox News poll published Wednesday, as the Supreme Court argued over whether abortion pills should be outlawed, and GOP politicians consider support for a national abortion ban.

Chris Cuomo ripped NBC's decision to reverse course on Ronna McDaniel because apparently having a liar give America the news is appealing to him.  - Brown Eyed Susan


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Rock The Voter News

Trump Sells Orange Jesus Sandals. - Andy Borowitz

Oh Look, Something Else For Republicans To Whine About!
For the first time in 27 years, the U.S. government is changing how it categorizes people by race and ethnicity, an effort that federal officials believe will more accurately count residents who identify as Hispanic and of Middle Eastern and North African heritage.

The difference between Donald Trump and other organized crime bosses is that Al Capone and John Gotti were never stupid enough to run for president. - Middle Age Riot

If Sam Bankman-Fried can get 25 years, why can't Donald Trump? - Victoria Brownworth

Oh NO! Biden Protects Plants & Animals!
The Biden administration on Thursday restored rules to protect imperiled plants and animals that had been rolled back back under former President Donald Trump.

DJT is what brokers call a “meme stock” and what the rest of us call a “sucker bet.” - The New Republic



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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
The pyramid of the magician, Uxmal, Mexico. Is that lattice work made out of stone?



  1. Is the lattice stone? Yes. Yes it is. My question: who is the magician?

    1. Named after an unidentified figure that was probably the local king or a deity

    2. Nope, I looked it up. Turns out, it was named after a mythical dwarf who purportedly built the original pyramid/temple in one day or one fortnight depending on which tale you read. His adopting mom was a powerful witch who enabled him. The king at the time challenged him to build it or die and abdicated the throne to him after he succeeded. Or so the story goes.

  2. the lattice is brickwork in a diamond pattern I think