Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Trump Lashes Out At Gag Order — Bitterly Attacks Judge, His Daughter, and District Attorney

Trump Lashes Out At Gag Order — Bitterly Attacks Judge, His Daughter, and District Attorney
Former President Donald Trump again attacked the daughter of the New York judge overseeing his hush money case — after his lawyers failed to delay the trial from starting next month.

I just read the Trump Bible. I was not aware that King David paid hush money to Bathsheba. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Trump is selling bibles, and Fox is blaming the bridge collapse on our “broken border.” 

There’s a big sector of our society that has absolutely lost its collective marbles. - George Takei

I Long For The Days When Conspiracy Theories Were Relegated To Tabloids In The Grocery Store Checkout Line
Not long after the tragic collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, caused by a container ship losing power and colliding with it after midnight on Tuesday, several fringe figures (with massive followings) hit social media to beat the conspiracy drum.

I cannot believe people are actually upset because our mayor rushed to the scene of a terrible tragedy, instead of spending hours getting ready and putting on a suit. This is your takeaway from yesterday's events?? - Carol Ott

Republican Shenanigans

If Fox is so mad about NBC firing Ronna McDaniel, why don’t they hire her? - JoJoFromJerz

It Sounds To Me As Though A Thief Left $1.8 Million Behind. Money Just Doesn't Appear Out Of Nowhere.
South Carolina has collected about $1.8 billion in a bank account over the past decade and state and private accountants are still trying to figure out where the cash came from and where it was supposed to go.

With Trump thumping bibles this week, it has ensured the blasphemous bastard  will spend his eternal days in hell.
I like the thought of that. - Woman In The Moon


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Rock The Voter News

America thought social media was a toy. Russia knew it was a tool. - Luke Zalenski

The Alabama Miracle


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Business/Tech News

Remember when Elon Musk was too scared to box Mark Zuckerberg? That was hilarious. - Liam Nissan

Oh, No, Dollar Tree Is Raising Its Prices Again.
Shoppers at Dollar Tree could soon end up with sticker shock.

One does not simply become a master of karate. First, you must accidentally walk into a spider web. - National Park Service



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  1. Your post about paying men the same as women brought back a crack by a friend. When parents divorce the kid(s) should get the house and the parents have to move in and out according to the visitation agreement.