Monday, April 1, 2024

Manhattan DA asks to expand Trump gag order after repeated posts about judge’s daughter

The Manhattan district attorney’s office on Monday asked the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s criminal trial related to hush money payments to expand the gag order to stop the former president from attacking family members of people involved in the case.
“To the extent that the original March 26 Order did not already prohibit this behavior, this Court can and should clarify or extend the Order to protect family members of the Court on the record described below, and should warn defendant that any future disregard of the Order will result in sanctions,” prosecutors wrote in a motion to Judge Juan Merchan

The last nine goddam years have felt like an April Fools joke. - Steven Sensi

Eric Trump: My father was elected due to "divine intervention". God is "looking down and guiding him every single day.

It's As Though The Courts Are Encouraging Trump Because They Surely Are Not Discouraging Him.

Either he's being blackmailed, bought off or a chicken.

Trump Sure Is Full Of Rage. Good.

Lara Trump Warns Donors to Give to RNC or She Will Keep Singing. - Andy Borowitz

Republicans want to make America great again by bringing back measles, Nazis, and teen pregnancy. - Middle Age Riot

Every day, Donald Trump reminds us what a president is supposed to be: not him. - Middle Age Riot

Breaking! The Florida Supreme Court will allow marijuana to be on the ballot.

Experts predict a very high voter turnout. - Captain Obvious

Trump's Bible Published in All Caps. - Andy Borowitz

Isn't This Academic Racketeering?

The fastest way to become a millionaire with Trump is to start out with a billion dollars. - Alex Cole


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Fun Fact: The last time “DJT” was on the stock exchange it was “Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts” — and it lost money every single year of its existence before filing for bankruptcy in 2004. - Mary L. Trump

It's True! Everything Trump Touches Dies!
Shares of Donald Trump's social media company plunged 21% on Monday, wiping out the gains from its debut last week, after disclosing millions in losses and saying it would struggle to meet its financial liabilities going forward.

With all that's going on, the last thing you need is the encyclopedia trying to fool you so we just hope you have a nice day. - Britannica tweet



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