Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Trump Posts Fox News Clip Slamming Judge's Daughter Literal Hours After New Gag Order Ruling

Former President Donald Trump posted a video of Fox hosts slamming Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter Loren Merchan less than 24 hours after the judge issued a new ruling expanding Trump’s gag order.

BREAKIN': Man that owns his own social media platform whines he has no free speech. - Tea Pain

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

BREAKING: Kaja Kallas Will NOT Be NATO's New Chief, Will Instead Be Appointed Queen Of Entire Europe. - LeChou

Everyone Is Hamas According To Netanyahu. Disgusting and Heartbreaking.

Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war, World Central Kitchen charged yesterday. Their airstrikes on the food convoy have resulted in aid ships turning around. - Ryan Grim

 I am old enough to remember when we knew Havana Syndrome was a Russian Op when it first happened.

Trump was in the WH.  He didn’t give a sh*t. - Pam Keith

The irony of RFK Jr. jumping in with both feet to destroy a Democracy his father died to protect is revolting and anti-American. 
He’s a rotten, reprehensible SOB. - D. Earl Stephens

Democratic Presidents Offer to Loan Trump $100. - Andy Borowitz

Democrat Gives Sage Advice About Renaming Dulles Airport


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Business/Tech News

Desperate Trump Tries To Fix Plunging Stock Price With Sharpie. - Andy Borowitz


The Great Untapped Market Is Building Homes Americans Can Afford

Finland, where the wealthy pay their taxes, was again named the happiest country in the world. We did not make the top ten. - The Other 98%


  1. Wood frame luggage like that set wouldn't last one trip on an airline

  2. That the 1950’s Samsonite is pictured inside a vintage 21-window Volkswagen Microbus makes me want ENTIRE combination even more!