Monday, April 8, 2024

Steve Bannon to host eclipse prayer service to stop 'satanic forces that come through'


Conservative podcaster Steve Bannon revealed Monday that he would host Christian prayer services on his social media channels to stop "satanic forces that...

Worst. Rapture. Ever. - USASingers

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

Trump: Every world problem would not exist if I were President right now.

The Putin Chronicles: Attempting Chernobyl II

Republican Shenanigans

The only people who want The Rapture to happen more than evangelicals is literally everyone else. - Patrick S. Tomlinson

The Justice Department Issues Hand Slap Warning
The Justice Department urged House Republicans to “avoid conflict” in a brewing battle after they threatened the possibility of contempt proceedings in their efforts to gain information on special counsel Robert Hur’s probe of President Biden’s handling of classified records. 

Republicans think women carry fetuses for 9 months just for kicks, then abort them at the last minute because the fun part is over. - Alex Cole

We should probably stop electing people who think a tiny earthquake in New Jersey means the rapture is upon us. - Liam Nissan


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Rock The Voter News

JOE BIDEN: I have been married to Jill for 54 years.

MEDIA: According to Trump officials, last night marked Trump’s hundred year anniversary with Melania, nearly double that of Joe Biden’s. Trump is now the longest married President of all time. - Jeremy Newberger

Texas Governor Takes Credit For U.S. Economy. Eyes Rolling.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) appeared to take credit for the boost in the U.S. economy, saying Sunday that the improvements across the country are because his state’s economy is “doing so well.”

Good luck explaining celestial mechanics to a bunch of folks who took horse dewormer for a human virus. - Rick Lenzie


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Business/Tech News

The way things are now, America’s got the low-wage workforce crossing the border that their big-money donors demand, and the GOP can turn around and sell racism to the base for votes.

The GOP will never stop undocumented border crossings. - John Fugelsang

This is how other countries see America.

Here's Another Country That Dislikes Elon Musk
A Brazilian Supreme Court judge has launched an inquiry into Elon Musk after the billionaire said X would reinstate accounts that the justice had ordered blocked.

So it’s ok to stare into the sun again now, right? - Rex Huppke



  1. check out some of Bev Dolittle's artwork

  2. Surely they named that bull dog Adam.

  3. capt. puerto rico? of course if greg abbott isaw it would say its captain texas.

  4. Steve Bannon wants to stop demonic forces coming through? Coming through what?! Did he learn in science class that eclipses open 90-minute portals from other dimensions?! 🤪 But, that "Rapture Hatch" is the best thing ever...for want of a roof hinge, a soul was lost!! 🤣

  5. What if you have a rapture hatch in your home, but you are at work? Horrors!