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Esper: Former military leaders should stay out of Trump immunity debate

Esper: Former military leaders should stay out of Trump immunity debate 
Former Trump Defense Secretary Mark Esper said former military leaders should not get involved in the debate over presidential immunity as it relates to former President Trump Tuesday.
“I would prefer to see retired admirals and generals not get involved in these issues,” Esper said on “CNN This Morning” with anchor Kasie Hunt. 

If SCOTUS gives presidents full immunity then Biden can execute Trump and then go for ice cream...How ridiculous that the Supreme Court is spending even five minutes digesting Trump's idiotic premise. - Buddy Winston

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

Why don't Eric, Don Jr., Tiffany and Ivanka help him post the bond?  They're rich, too.  So is Jared.  You have to wonder why not? - Fightin' Liberals

Another Setback For Trump. Good.
A New York appeals court on Tuesday rejected former President Trump’s last-ditch effort to delay his hush money criminal trial while he argues against a gag order the judge overseeing the case imposed. 

Putin’s army in the USA is far more effective than his army in Ukraine. - o2bnobox

Republican Shenanigans

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “If I had it my way, we would have been successful on January 6 and Joe Biden wouldn't be president.”

Arizona Retreats to 1864. Really.
Abortion will be almost entirely illegal in Arizona after the state Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld an 1864 law that made performing an abortion a felony.

It’s not surprising that Arizona reimplemented an 1864 law upholding abortion. 

Last year the state upheld an 1868 treaty that denied the Navajo Nation usage of ancient underground aquifers — on the tribe’s own land. 

Access to water AND Abortions are basic human rights. Agree? - Lakota Man

Even though Arizona didn’t become a state until 1912, somehow they went back to the 1864 confederacy.  - NotHoodlum


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Rock The Voter News

BREAKING: Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham are fighting over who has the best strategy for enslaving women. - Middle Age Riot

The Trump strategy is time-honored: lie, deny, and hope they die. 
- Stephen King

Another Example of the Media Failing At Their Job
Gallup’s most recent poll looked at shifting attitudes regarding President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump and offered many red flags for the Biden campaign.

Trump Congratulates Moon on Being Same Size as Sun. - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

Trump is like a solar eclipse. Painful to look at, may cause permanent damage, and shrouds the nation in darkness. Also, round. - Ben Howe

Why Jared Kushner Hasn't Been Investigated Is A Mystery
Jared Kushner’s investment fund is not especially large by global finance standards. But as he gets it fully up and running, each step is bringing with it ethical issues that would only grow if his father-in-law, Donald Trump, should win another term as president.

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  1. Arizona Territory also had gun control laws on the books in 1864. https://firearmslaw.duke.edu/laws/coles-bashford-the-compiled-laws-of-the-territory-of-arizona-including-the-howell-code-and-the-session-laws-from-1864-to-1871-inclusive-to-which-is-prefixed-the-constitution-of-the-united-states