Friday, July 24, 2015

Sigh, another mass shooting.

Louisiana gunman was a ‘drifter’ and self-described taxpayer watchdog who tried and failed to get rich quick
Police have identified the gunman who killed two women and wounded seven other people at a Louisiana movie theater before fatally shooting himself.

We're using science to reduce car deaths to historic lows. Congress won't even let us study how to reduce gun deaths. - LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

I completely and fully support your second amendment right to be well-regulated.- LOLGOP

Kicking People When They Are Down Is Bad Politics
 Residents of this dusty village are bracing for Israeli bulldozers to come and knock down their makeshift homes of tarp, wood and wire any day now.

And as his plan to have Trump make Scott Walker look moderate unfolds, Satan giggles and throws a few table scraps to a burning Nixon.- John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

The State Of The Other 15 GOP Candidates
They have been holding mock debates, hunkering down with advisers and finessing policy answers. But the most pressing concern for many Republican presidential contenders as they prepare for the first debate of the 2016 primary season is one man: Donald Trump.

"A major Iowa newspaper published an op-ed against Trump calling him a 'self-absorbed, wholly unqualified feckless blowhard.' Or as Trump put it, 'You forgot very rich . . . I'm a very rich, self-absorbed, wholly unqualified feckless blowhard. Very, very rich.'" –Jimmy Fallon

Why, Of Course The Louisiana Gunman Was A Right Winger And Not A Libturd!
The gunman who killed two moviegoers and wounded nine others had a prolific online commenting history that revealed a fascination with censorship, Iran, and right-wing politics.

"Ohio Governor John Kasich became the 16th Republican to announce that he is running for president. During his speech he referred to Jesus Christ, which is ironic because so did Americans when they heard another Republican was running for president." –Jimmy Fallon

Senate GOP Attempts End Around Play To Repeal OBAMACARE!
Senate Republicans will finally take a shot at their great white whale, but their first vote to repeal Obamacare since taking over the Senate majority in January will come as an amendment to a highway bill and be held on a Sunday in late July. It's not exactly the headline-making confrontation with the President over his signature legislation that conservatives have been hankering for.

Rock The Voter News

The people who always told us pot makes you lazy are now telling us it made Sandra Bland violent. - John Fugelsang

The real risk of smoking marijuana is that you could end up President of the United States.- LOLGOP

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Costa Rica Catholics Are Not In Denial
Roughly a month after Pope Francis made his appeal for the global community to “urgently” take action to address climate change and other environmental damage, Costa Rica’s Catholic Church is looking to take a stronger stance nationally on the environment.

Business/Tech News

"It'll be a very classy, very luxurious border wall. Probably the classiest border wall of all time." — Donald Trump's immigration policy

Obama Admits The U.S. Lacks Common Sense
President Barack Obama highlighted that gun violence had killed far more Americans than terrorism since 9/11 on Thursday and said it was "distressing" how the country lacked "common-sense" laws to tackle the problem.

I would love to see the Venn diagram of Donald Trump supporters and people who love Adam Sandler movies.- Jeff Tiedrich



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Time To Deflate Photo

The tallest mountains on earth, the Himalayas, from space. Photo/NASA


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