Monday, November 14, 2016

Damn Liberal Media

Trump Names His Kids, Who Are Supposedly Going to Run His Business via “Blind Trust,” to White House Team
During the presidential campaign Donald Trump deflected questions about how he'd handle conflicts of interest as president—many of his business endeavors could benefit from shifts in government policy and/or serve as conduits with which to buy his favor—by saying his children would run his companies in a "blind trust." Observers pointed out that this would not really be a blind trust because the director of a blind trust is supposed to be independent of the trust's ultimate owner.

Remember in the debates how Trump started--cool, collected, almost presidential--till Hillary got to him? That's how the presidency will go. - George Takei

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Imagine if white nationalism upset Paul Ryan as much as the thought of working Americans being able to retire one day.-LOLGOP

Trump Oblivious To Hate Crimes He Inspired
In a “60 Minutes” interview Sunday night, President-elect Donald Trump said he had not heard reports of an increase in racial slurs and threats against minorities since his election.
“I am very surprised to hear that-- I hate to hear that, I mean I hate to hear that,” Trump said.
“But I think it’s a very small amount,” he added.

I wonder what Putin will get Trump for an Inauguration gift, but I heard what Trump is giving Putin. Don't tell anyone, but it's Ukraine.- Michael Ian Black

Trump Tweeting Is His Addiction
Donald Trump on Sunday continued to walk back some of his most controversial campaign rhetoric.
The president-elect went on a mini-tirade against The New York Times on Twitter, taking issue with the way the newspaper described his past statements about nuclear proliferation. 

Great to see that the man who coined the word "libtard" will be the senior advisor to the potus while the First Lady tackles bullying. - Sarah Silverman

Republican Shenanigans

This upsets Paul Ryan: Americans getting the Medicare they're promised.
This doesn't:
Trump making a white nationalist his chief strategist. - LOLGOP

Trumpers are now askin' for Democrats to "work with Trump" as if he suddenly stopped bein' a white nationalist sexual-predator.- Tea Pain


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Rock The Voter News

We have a president-elect who doesn't believe in climate change. Millions of people are going to have to say: Mr. Trump, you are dead wrong.- Bernie Sanders

Black Comedian Booed Mocking Trump
Stand-up comedian Wanda Sykes flipped off the audience at Boston’s TD Garden on Saturday night after the crowd booed her for railing against president-elect Donald Trump.


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I know a lot of you couldn't bear to watch Trump on 60 Minutes, so let me summarize for you. Coherence level: sub-Palin. - Andy Borowitz

Biz/Tech News
"He'll surround himself with good people."
-- Germans, circa 1933 - Andy Borowitz

Silicon Valley Still Shunning Trump
Shares of large technology companies fell again Monday, as investors continue to worry that Silicon Valley will suffer under policies enacted under the regime of President-elect Donald Trump.

Say what you will about Trump, he is not stupid. He is a smart man with a deep understanding of what stupid people want.―Andy Borowitz



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

You only live once.


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