Monday, November 3, 2014

Midterm election rides wave of anger at incumbents

Midterm election rides wave of anger at incumbents
The costliest midterm election in history draws to a bitter close with control of the Senate tilting toward Republicans even as governors, in red and blue states alike, face a well of anti-incumbent anger from New England to the Rocky Mountains.

Crazy idea here. How about laws that make it harder to shoot people and easier to vote? - LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

News Outlets Can't Afford To Cover The News
Cash-strapped news outlets looking to cover President Obama's trip to Asia next month may find it difficult to do so. Not because the trip isn't newsworthy -- it is -- but because there are at least 60,000 dollar-shaped reasons not to.

Why does every election analysis ignore that Republicans have their own propaganda TV network that just spews lies all day and all night?- Dave Johnson Tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Congress has an approval rating below 12% which is why the media keeps reminding you Obama's approval rating is only 42%.-John Fugelsang

GOP Says They'll Go To Work IF They Control Congress!
 Republicans said on Sunday they will break the legislative stalemate that has paralyzed Washington for the past several years if they win control of the Senate in the upcoming congressional elections. 

Rock The Voter News

So How's Boehner's Lawsuit Against Obama Going?
House Speaker John Boehner’s still-unfiled lawsuit against President Barack Obama for exceeding his constitutional power is in more trouble.
For the second time in two months, a major law firm has ceased work on the lawsuit, sources say.

Computer security experts say that a video released by former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson appears to show her computer "malfunction[ing]," likely due to a stuck backspace key, not being hacked by government agents as she had suggested.

Remember that voice on AOL that said "you've got mail"? Turns out it was the NSA. -

I Forgot To Mention: A Volcano Blew Its Top Here In Costa Rica
Satellites belonging to the United States space agency, NASA, captured images of a “blanket” of sulfur dioxide over western Costa Rica a day after the Turrialba volcano began erupting last Wednesday.

If you make minimum wage or have a uterus, you should recuse yourself from voting tomorrow since you might be biased towards Democrats.- Top Conservative Cat

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Ferguson Police Lied
The U.S. government agreed to a police request to restrict more than 37 square miles of airspace surrounding Ferguson, Missouri, for 12 days in August for safety, but audio recordings show that local authorities privately acknowledged the purpose was to keep away news helicopters during violent street protests over the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a white police officer.

You can refinance your car. You can refinance your home. So why can’t you refinance your student loans? - Sen. Al Franken Tweet

Business/Tech News

85 people are worth more than half the people on earth but raising the minimum wage will hurt the economy. - LOLGOP

Ebola Scare In My Neck Of The Woods
Costa Rican health authorities were placed on alert over the weekend when authorities arrested 14 illegal immigrants from Somalia in Cañas, Guanacaste, at least one of which complained of Ebola-like symptoms.
Those exhibiting symptoms were taken to the Cañas Comprehensive Healthcare Center where tests confirmed that the symptoms were caused by the influenza virus, not Ebola.

Right now, Turkeys are being advised to get their affairs in order. -

Instead of a napkin, I put a tortilla shell on my lap. Whatever falls I can eat. -



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The Northern lights in Norway being celebrated by a lone brave soul.


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