Friday, December 11, 2020

106 House Republicans back Texas challenge of election results at Supreme Court

106 House Republicans back Texas challenge of election results at Supreme Court
A Republican congressional ally of President Trump solicited more than 100 of his fellow GOP lawmakers to sign on to a brief with the Supreme Court in support of a long-shot lawsuit filed by Texas seeking to delay certification of presidential electors in four battleground states won by President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump Seeks To Influence Brett Kavanaugh’s Vote By Sending Him Keg. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Just a thought but if your brand is being “pro-life” you should probably stop executing people. - OhNoSheTwitnt


I Hope We Hear The Click Of Handcuffs Soon
While most of the last month has centered on President Donald Trump’s legal challenges of the 2020 election, the New York Times reported Friday on Trump’s potential legal jeopardy. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is reportedly “significantly escalating” its criminal investigation into the president and his private business, having recently interviewed both Deutsche Bank employees and employees with insurance broker Aon.

President Email Lady wouldn't be putting America through any of this bullsh*t, just saying. - Jeff Tiedrich


Republican Shenanigans

I don’t want retribution. I don’t hunger for blood. I want the corrupt and criminal to be held accountable. I yearn for justice. - Steven Beschloss


Republican 2Fer: Racism & Misogyny 
Sen. Mike Lee blocked bipartisan legislation Thursday that would establish national museums dedicated to the histories of Latino Americans and American women, arguing the museums would create further division.

Wonder how many prisoners he's going to have to execute to make himself feel better about that Time Magazine cover? - Stonekettle tweet



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The "you lost, get over it" crowd from 2016 is teaching a master class in losing and not getting over it. - Jeff Tiedrich

Rock The Voter News

Melania Thrilled This Is Last Time She Has To Do Damn Tree. - Andy Borowitz

49% of The USA Is Nuts
President Trump's job approval is holding steady at 49 percent, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.


The Democrats should impeach him again as a going away/Christmas present. - Hamish Mitchell


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You’ve heard of the elf on the shelf, now get ready for goose on the moose.

Peace and love.

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