Monday, December 14, 2020

White House recommended tighter restrictions in Florida: report
The White House coronavirus taskforce recommended that Florida take stricter coronavirus measures earlier this month as cases in the state and across the country climbed, according to a report obtained by the Center for Public Integrity. 

Iraqis Perplexed To See Americans Protest Against Democracy. - Andy Borowitz


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

While out for my morning walk, a guy flashed by on his bike and yelled: "Trump, Trump! Trump! Get ready for civil war!" Then he swung back to add, "Go back to Maine, you piece of sh*t!" This is political discourse in Trump's America. - Stephen King


Putin Protects Himself From COVID, Unlike Trump.


Well, we did our part, you? - Willie Garson 

Republican Shenanigans

It seems an odd choice to criticize the future First Lady for using her degree when the current First Lady lied about having one. - Mrs. Betty Bowers


Her name is Dr. Jill Biden. Get used to it. - Hillary Clinton



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At what point do we as a society begin to consider the GOP as a national security threat? - Russell the Texan tweet


Rock The Voter News

If we had known how many times Biden would win this election we could have made it a drinking game. - Asha Rangappa


DeSantis Needs To Be Dethroned
Pointing to what they called “baseless” legal arguments, lawyers for Gov. Ron DeSantis have urged an appeals court to sanction a Northwest Florida attorney who filed a lawsuit to try to force DeSantis to close beaches to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

I didn't vote for a Democrat over a Republican this year, or for a liberal over a conservative.

I voted for an empath over a psychopath. - George Conway



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Business/Tech News

Meanwhile, the coup coup clock in the White House keeps on ticking. - Dan Rather


Naw, I'll Pass On The Holiday Raw Meat, Thank You Very Much.


It is AHNC's 20th Birthday

Twenty years ago today I was watching C-SPAN, whose guest was former Texas Governor Ann Richards. She was asked to describe George W. Bush. Her response named my website the instant I heard her utter: Why, he's All Hat No Cattle.

I literally ran to my computer to see if the domain name was available. was taken but  dot net was available. I now own both domains.

And here we are twenty years later with another election screwed with by the Republicans.

Lest we never forget the great 40,000 voter purge of mostly Black Floridians by Jeb Bush prior to the 2000 election. Thousands were turned away at the polls.

And never forget how Jeb broke his oath as governor to uphold the laws of the great state of Florida and went to the Supreme Court of the United States, to stop the vote recount the Florida court ordered. States' rights, my foot.

Jeb paved the way for Trump by validating the crazy Christian right and supporting their quest for control of Florida politics. Well, how did that work out? Current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a mini-Trump causing thousands of Floridians and countless tourists to die.

I love Florida, I grew up in Fort Lauderdale and was educated in a beautiful environment we respected. And now it is a cesspool of crazy conservatives spreading a deadly virus.

Hold every damn one of them accountable. There are Federal and State laws against endangering the public. It's called negligent homicide

They just need to be enforced.

Enter stage left: Joe Biden.

Exit stage right: Every Republican who did not follow the CDC's virus guidelines in handcuffs.

It's really that easy.

Thank you for the past twenty years, I could not have done it without you.

Peace and love and thank you for a fabulous twenty years.


  1. Congratulations Lisa. I've been enjoying your witty curating and clever commentary for several years. Hopefully we have turned a corder. And a wonderful tribute to a lovely lady, Ann Richards. Thank you for your dedication.

    I enjoy you posts even when there is a "non-post".

  2. Congratulations on 20 years.
    Thank you for the sanity.

  3. I’ve been enjoying your blog for twenty years. Hopefully I’ve been able to bring in more fans. I love what you do and I hope for many more years.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Love your blog and use it for my late night links to my son...thanks!!!