Tuesday, December 15, 2020

William Barr steps down as Trump's attorney general

The US attorney general, William Barr, one of Donald Trump's staunchest allies, has resigned just weeks after he contradicted the president by...

In the end, it was a very low Barr. - Dan Rather


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Putin beat Mitch McConnell to congratulating our president elect.

Good job, Senate GOP. - Steven Pasquale


The national security negligence is stunning: the Commander in Chief is chasing a false allegation of election fraud at home, while a very real foreign adversary executed a very real hack of large swaths of his government - and his admin missed it. - Jim Sciutto, CNN

Is Putin Cleaning House Before Trump Vacates?

Let Donald Trump's hair be a reminder that he is never going to admit he lost anything. - LOLGOP


Will $28.5 Million Buy Ghislaine Maxwell A Get-Out-Of-Jail Card?
Ghislaine Maxwell, the former associate of Jeffrey Epstein accused of aiding his alleged sex-trafficking operation, has asked for a $28.5 million bond after a judge rejected her offer of $5 million earlier this year.


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SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: watching Donald Trump lose this election over and over can be habit-forming. - Jeff Tiedrich

Rock The Voter News

Pete Buttigieg’s first order of business as Secretary of Transportation should be to add Mike Pence to the no fly list. - Jesse Lifson

BEHOLD: A Republican Turned Independent.

I can't get over part where 15 minutes after the Electoral College certified for Biden, William Barr quit. - Stonekettle


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McConnell Says He Would Have Congratulated Biden Earlier But Was Busy Thwarting Stimulus Package. - Andy Borowitz


Melania Didn't Care Then and Doesn't Care Now. Evil To The Core.

I’m starting to think the only person Trump ever hired who was actually qualified to do her job was Stormy Daniels.- Andrea Junker



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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Capitol Hill. Washington, D.C., in case you wondered how wealthy Washingtonians lived.


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  1. So I had to write about the "This is why dogs are happier" image. When I first saw this about a year ago, I wondered if other people's interpretation of it would be the same as mine and passed it around asking. Usually, when I do something like this, I find out that I'm the oddball. And that was the case here too. The universal reply was, "the dog just lives in the present." While that may be true, that couldn't be further from my interpretation. What it says to me is that the person is thinking of all the things he aspires to have or experience the most: a new car, travel to exotic places, a big new house, lots of money. Welcome to the club, buddy! The dog, on the other hand, is doing the very same thing, thinking of all the things he aspires to have or experience the most. Only his biggest desire is to be next to his beloved companion. Bottom line: The man wants what he doesn't have while the dog is living his "heaven on earth" right where he is, doing what he wants to do and being where he wants to be the most. Thus, the dog is not only "happier," the dog couldn't be any happier! That is all. Signed, a devoted daily reader.