Thursday, June 20, 2024

‘I Can’t Wait to Be Sued’: Republican Governor Says He Welcomes Lawsuits Over State’s New Ten Commandments Law

‘I Can’t Wait to Be Sued’: Republican Governor Says He Welcomes Lawsuits Over State’s New Ten Commandments Law
Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry welcomed lawsuits against him as he signed legislation this week making it mandatory for public schools to display the Ten Commandments in every classroom.
“I’m going home to sign a bill that places the Ten Commandments in public classrooms,” boasted Landry during a Republican fundraiser on Saturday. “And I can’t wait to be sued.”

Louisiana Orders Classrooms To Display All Ten Commandments That Trump Has Broken. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I refuse to come together with people who wish to strip others of their rights because their own personal religious views. F*CK coming together with those people. - Beyond Blonde

I’m sure having the Ten Commandments in schools will feed children when they’re hungry and protect them from mass shooters. - OhNoSheTwitnt

Do The Republican Party Next.
Two days after Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a new defense agreement, Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) introduced a bill to declare Russia a state sponsor of terror. 

I can't believe I even have to say this, but it is not normal that the Supreme Court is taking its sweet time to decide if a former president is immune from prosecution for inciting an insurrection to overturn an election. This should have been decided already. The answer is no! - Robert Reich

Republican Shenanigans

It would be different if Clarence Thomas only took $3 million in bribes. But he took $4 million and that’s where I draw the line! - Rick Lenzie

During the debate, Biden should smile at the moderator and say, "I'd like to hear my opponents thoughts on electric boats and sharks." - Alex Cole

What An Useless Question. You're Better Than That, Manu.

As a taxpayer, I’m sick and tired of paying for trump’s Secret Service.

Can’t we replace them with the Uvalde police department? - Captain Obvious

Louisiana: Where students are taught the Ten Commandments but not how to count to ten. - Andy Borowitz


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I keep waiting for someone to tell me, “Yeah, I was a fruit picker until those illegals showed up.” - The Other 98%


Many of L.A.'s Homeless Lives Are About To Change

Q: What’s the difference between Jane Fonda and Donald Trump? 
A: Jane Fonda went to Vietnam. - SundaeDivine



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Time To Deflate Photo

Florida and Cuba. Funny story: In 1985 I took a cheap night flight from Miami to Merida, Mexico on Aero Mexico. There were only about 30 people on the plane. As we passed Havana, the pilot pointed it out and everyone but me rushed to the left side of the aircraft screaming, HAVANA HAVANA!! The aircraft tilted at least 45 degrees. Stuff flew everywhere. I was glad I had my seatbelt on.



  1. I'm sure this will end up with the Supreme Court who will decide that the 1st. Amendment was clearly intended to only allow the establishment of a Christian state religion and that the Commandments are not religious anyway.

    1. Yeah, this SCOTUS crew apparently think they are untouchable

  2. Sad that, five years after that cartoon of the armed MAGA pledging to go on a killing spree for trump was published, it's even more relevant today.

  3. Not defending Theocratic Louisiana but from what I learned years ago no matter what the religion or not there seemed to be a basic moral code built into most humans. But one doesn't need them printed out and forced on others especially by those who push these acts but ignore the rules they want forced on others. Just look at the current Republican party and their standard bearer(s).

    1. Why is it so hard to be kind to one another?

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