Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Americans across the country celebrate Juneteenth

Americans across the country are holding celebrations in honor of Juneteenth. This is the third year Juneteenth has been a federally recognized holiday.

You want irony?  Guess which state was the first to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday.

Texas. - John Fairbanks

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

If after 8 years of watching Trump, people haven't decided he is unsuitable to hold any office, then Heaven help us. - Bill Johnson

The American people do not want to see starvation used as a tool of war, which is what the Netanyahu government is doing right now. - Bernie Sanders

Will Biden Meet With Netanyahu? Or Nah?
The White House reportedly canceled a high-level meeting with Israeli officials in rebuke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he accused the U.S. of withholding military aid in a video released Tuesday.

Republican Shenanigans

Right now Matt Gaetz is terrified that photos of his nether regions are about to become evidentiary tools in an Ethics investigation and Matt can't compare with Hunter. - Jane of the North

As It Turns Out, Milwaukee Thinks Trump Is Horrible
Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson told CNN’s Abby Phillip that despite former President Donald Trump’s “outreach” Black voters are saying they’ll vote for President Joe Biden to avoid going “from slavery to dictatorship!”

One thing these "evangelicals" have no idea of, is that our country was founded by those escaping from the Merry Old Church of England and the plethora of other new Christian religions throughout the Old World. Their ignorance is due to a poor education, just as today's Republicans want. Keep 'em stupid.

It's only a matter of time before Republicans try to ban the Constitution from public schools because the 13th Amendment mentions slavery. - Middle Age Riot

Folks tend to focus on the alliance between Trump & Far Right Christianity and think it’s about abortion rights but it’s the exploitation of young girls where they really find their common ground. They’re all a bunch of freaks. As was Epstein and his high powered clients. - Noel Casler

Bring back mental institutions.  
It’s everywhere.  Every day. - Sheri

Fox Host Spread The Hydroxychloroquine Treatment For Covid. Is That Legal To Misinform People? Apparently.
Former White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump got the idea to treat Covid-19 with hydroxychloroquine from Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

It’ll never not be funny to me when people who barely passed high school biology think they know more about the pandemic than Dr. Fauci. - Art Candee


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Business/Tech News

In case you didn't know, the republicans' backup plan for global warming is make as much money as possible now and die rich. - Larry Middleton

Believe It or Not, Boeing Has More Problems

Now, just for a second, imagine if President Joe Biden went on television and said the fires in New Mexico were because they didn't rake the forests. - Alex Cole

I see the NYT says that Biden 'paints Trump as a felon'

I don't think Biden needed any paint. - John Cleese



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Mt. Rainier. I love snow covered mountains, it takes my mind off the heat.



  1. I live around 70 miles north of Mt. Rainier "as the crow flies" and can see it on a clear day, especially driving south on I-5, or from a popular tourist attraction, Kerry Park, on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle just to name one special place. I came to the PNW 45 years ago at a very young age of 31 and have never seen this spectacular perspective of the mountain so thanks Lisa.
    Mike in Shoreline, WA

  2. Thanks for writing, Mike. You live in a beautiful neck of the woods.

  3. Mt. Rainer is so much more impressive than other mountains of it's height. A 14K mountain in Colorado actually starts 5200 ft up. You see Mt Rainier all the way up from sea level to mountaintop.