Monday, May 6, 2024

‘Punishable By Incarceration’: Read FULL Trump Contempt Order Threatening To Lock Him Up Over Gag Order

‘Punishable By Incarceration’: Read FULL Trump Contempt Order Threatening To Lock Him Up Over Gag Order
Court began Monday in the Stormy Daniels hush money-election interference trial with fireworks, as Merchan issued his ruling, telling Trump “I find you in criminal contempt for the 10th time,” and adding “Going forward this court will have to consider a jail sanction.”

Fining Trump $1000 for violating his gag order won’t shut him up

Indicting him 4 times won’t stop him from committing crimes

Asking him for our docs back won’t get him to comply

Charging him 88x won’t make him feel ashamed

The only thing that’ll work on a rapist thug?!

JAIL - Lindy Li

Trump just can’t keep his mouth shut, can he? - Stephen King

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

Hamas is a terrorist organization. Its ideology is ultra-conservative. Hamas has nothing in common at all with liberal or progressive values. - Michael McFaul

A Ceasefire? Really? I Hope It Lasts.

“You get monsters like Donald Trump in the White House because of people like Hope Hicks.” – Lawrence O’Donnell

Republican Shenanigans

Kim Jong Un Urges Kristi Noem to Seek Help. - Andy Borowitz

Kristi Noem: "I didn't proofread my book" 

That's your voice on the audio book dumbass! - Alex Cole

Michael Smerconish Is Obtuse.
CNN’s Michael Smerconish has had an invitation to deliver the commencement address at Dickinson College, a private, liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, rescinded over arguments he made in a 2004 book.

Elise Stefanik frustrated by lack of media attention, announces plans to murder kitten. - mynamehear


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Rock The Voter News

Biden’s Dog Commander Challenges Kristi Noem to Debate. - Andy Borowitz

Miami Dolphins CEO Told Trump, No!
Former President Trump attended the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix on Sunday, spotted at Hard Rock Stadium...Trump backer Steve Witkoff reportedly planned a fundraiser from one of the event’s suites, but the plans were shut down by race organizer and Miami Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel.

I understand that we’re not supposed to call Trump people stupid if we want to win them over.

But I kind of feel like they should stop being stupid first. - HeidiOCanada


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Business/Tech News

Jeffrey Katzenberg: “I’ve known Donald Trump for 50 years. The only thing I can say is he was a colossal asshole then and nothing has really changed.”

Lordy, They Have Tapes!
Jurors in former President Donald Trump's hush money trial on Thursday were played a recording found on Michael Cohen's phone, in which the two appeared to be discussing the alleged plan to pay off a former Playboy model who claimed to have had an extramarital affair with Trump.

The next six months will be the longest ten years in the last two centuries. - John Collins

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