Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Columbia protester mocked after asking for food for occupiers

Columbia protester mocked after asking for food for occupiers
...A reporter then replied: “It seems like you’re sort of saying: ‘We want to be revolutionaries, we want to take over this building, now would you please bring us some food and water’.’’

So, apparently, not only will the revolution be televised, it will also be catered. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

The pro-Hamas propagandists are blaming Biden (!) for the NYPD having cleared trespassers out of the building at Columbia ("blame"? for what? No one got hurt!).

Got it? The whole performance of these faux-protests all over the country is a pro-Trump psyop. Can't be any clearer. - DC Petterson

Disney Honors George W. Bush and His Ongoing Art Therapy After Lying Us Into The Iraq War and Killing Thousands of Americans. Shame On Him and Disney.
Former President George W. Bush’s paintings are going to Disney World. 

You would think after Bill Clinton fixed the economy that George H.W. Bush broke & after Barack Obama fixed the economy that George W. Bush broke & after Joe Biden fixed the economy that Donald Trump broke that people would stop voting for Republicans. - Evan

How did the 1/6 insurrection plan and pay for itself? - smc249

Republican Shenanigans

How is it not a bigger story that Trump falls asleep every single day of the first criminal trial of a U.S. President in history? Somehow, we've already gotten bored with Don Snoreleone. - BlackKnight10K

I like how Joe Biden doesn’t want to track women’s pregnancies. - John Collins

Michael Cohen Stars In "THE JERK"
In 2011, Stormy Daniels’s manager phoned a lawyer to complain that “some jerk” had called her up threatening to sue over a blog post claiming the porn actress slept with Donald Trump...But the image of Cohen portrayed to jurors, at this point, is hardly one of valor.

The law-and-order guy found in contempt of court.
Let me say it again: Contempt. Of court.
The times we’re in.
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. - Stephen King


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Rock The Voter News

Jake Tapper Is Another Jerk That Is Full of Himself

Hunt: Our reporters are saying Trump is sitting next to his lawyer with his eyes closed

Tapper: Which doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s sleeping, but he has been known to fall asleep in this trial.

I Don't Like To Make Predictions BUT I Believe There Will Be Red State Incited Violence/Intimidation At Many Polling Places


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Business/Tech News

I’m flying to Florida today on business. Does anyone know where I can buy a sundial? - Captain Obvious

GOP Senate candidate in Wisconsin is a multimillionaire from California

GOP Sen candidate in Pennsylvania is a hedge fund manager from CT

Missouri Senator Hawley lives in Virginia

Alabama Senator Tuberville lives in Florida

U wanna talk about voter fraud?!

Start with the GOP - Lindy Li

Costa Rica Mulling Dollarization
Congressman Jorge Dengo presented a new bill that is being processed under file No. 24,296 “Law for Dollarization.” “For decades, there has been a significant national discourse surrounding the ‘fair’ exchange rate between the Costa Rican Colón and the U.S. Dollar, the primary foreign currency used in the country for numerous internal and external transactions,” stated the PLP representative.

"I drink to make other people more interesting."
 ~Ernest Hemingway




  1. 🙀 My cat always told me Schrödinger was right...and wrong, at the same time!! 😹

  2. Oof. That top bit--hypercringe of you.

  3. "A pro-Trump psyop"? Seriously? I'm sorry, but when did you start quoting Alex Jones?

    1. Many of these violent protests are being led by non-students across the country. This is a typical Kremlin move...that pro-trump psyop comment was meant to include that.

      Once we find out who these non-students are, we can find out their ties to which foreign nations. My guess is a Putin friendly middle east nation.

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