Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Judge Merchan Rules Trump Violated Gag Order 9 Times, Warns That He Could Be Sent to Jail for Future Violations

Judge Merchan Rules Trump Violated Gag Order 9 Times, Warns That He Could Be Sent to Jail for Future Violations
Judge Juan Merchan ruled Tuesday on the gag order against former President Donald Trump, finding that he violated the original gag order nine times. Trump was fined $1,000 per violation and ordered to take the offending social media posts down by 2:15 PM ET on Tuesday.

He glared at me on the way out of the courtroom for the mid-morning break.

I grinned at him. - George Conway, ex-husband of Kellyanne Conway

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

Is it my imagination, or is every protest in this country now met with a militarized police force except for white supremacists? - bruce_steiner

Today I met with families from Gaza. I heard the suffering that they and their loved ones continue to endure. Some killed or wounded, others displaced.

We are working tirelessly to get more aid to people in Gaza and secure an immediate ceasefire and release of hostages. - Secretary Blinken

Surprise, Surprise, Trump Follows Judge's Order.

NBC News: Trump appears to have fallen asleep while listening to testimony — at times appearing to stir and then falling back to sleep.
Trump's eyes were closed for extended periods and his head has at times jerked in a way consistent with sleeping.

BREAKING: Barron Trump has appealed Judge Merchan's decision to let his father attend his graduation. - KellyScaletta

Apparently, Republicans Are Masochists
Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik is calling on the Justice Department to open an investigation into special counsel Jack Smith, alleging he violated department standards and ethical duties related to his prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

"Muslim headscarves? What a cruel & primitive superstition," said the circumcised Western man. - John Fugelsang

Kristi Noem owes a hat-tip to her role model, Sarah Palin, who bragged about all the animals she killed in Alaska (even though, on her short-lived reality show, she turned out to have terrible aim). Poor Kristi: she’s not just cruel, she’s derivative. - Andy Borowitz

Biden To Declassify Cannabis
The Biden administration will take a historic step toward easing federal restrictions on cannabis, with plans to announce an interim rule soon reclassifying the drug for the first time since the Controlled Substances Act was enacted more than 50 years ago, four sources with knowledge of the decision tell NBC News.

In the classified documents case, Trump is referred to as "F POTUS" throughout the FBI report. It means former. Allegedly. - adgirlMM

Top Trump ally Rudy Giuliani urges Mike Johnson and Jim Jordan to extort President Zelensky:
“Somebody should lean on Zelensky. You want another penny, give us your Biden file.”

Congratulations, Tennessee!
The unionization vote at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee has been certified by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), according to a Tuesday announcement from the manufacturer and the United Auto Workers (UAW).

Willie Nelson just turned 91 so I hope someone warns him that weed's a gateway drug to heroin before it's too late. - John Fugelsang


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