Thursday, February 8, 2024

'No, Justice Kavanaugh!' Anti-Trump Lawyer Hits Back At Trump-Appointed Justice in Insurrection Dustup

'No, Justice Kavanaugh!' Anti-Trump Lawyer Hits Back At Trump-Appointed Justice in Insurrection Dustup
Colorado voters attorney Jason Murray hit back at Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over why the insurrection provision has been “dormant” for 150 years — until former President Donald Trump came along.

Listening to the Supreme Court ballot case and when Kavanaugh speaks all I hear is “I like beer” - Outspoken

I love this video. Kavanaugh is such a tool.

2024: Iraq Tells U.S., GFY
Iraq condemned the U.S. for the latest strike on Iraqi soil and said the military aggression is pushing Baghdad closer to kicking American troops out of the country Thursday.

Tucker Carlson Faces Off With Vladimir Putin for World Lying Championship. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

I feel sorry for Mike Johnson.  Before he became Speaker, only a handful of people knew what an idiot he was. Now, a few hundred million people know. - SundaeDivine

Clarence Thomas: "Did you hear that, Ginni? They want me to recuse myself! Have they forgotten I'm a Republican?"


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Rock The Voter News

Um, I think right now maybe I want to go back to reading about Taylor and Travis and April 19. - Neal Katyal 

Senate Advances Foreign Aid Package. Good Luck With That.
The Senate voted Thursday to advance a foreign aid package after support for the legislation with a bipartisan border security deal fell short a day earlier amid Republican opposition. But the path forward for the bill remained unclear as the conference squabbled over how to proceed...

I hate this sh*t
I can't even believe we are here. That a reality show con man did this to our country. - PrincessBravado


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Business/Tech News

Republicans vote for vermin like Matt Gaetz because they don't care if their representatives make their lives better as long as they make others' lives worse. - Middle Age Riot


I Love The Super Bowl Ads But The Cost...

We could have avoided all this if he just conceded like a normal person. - John Collins



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. What, no garage?



  1. I've been there, I think that's a church. Lots of earthquakes, so steeples are not recommended.

  2. I got high just looking at your mushroom cap. Amazing.

  3. It's the Church of the Good Shepherd, built in 1935, and is one of the most photographed places in NZ. It's interesting and it's in a beautiful place, but it's a small 65-seat church that charges $30.26 to see it. Huh? Why is seeing it up close worth $30? I just saw it here for free!

  4. Wow. You Xians are cheap.

  5. Wow. You Xians are cheap.