Friday, January 26, 2024

GOP Governors Have Already Sent Troops to Texas Amid 'Civil War' Fears

A number of 25 Republican-led states have sent soldiers to the Texas border to help combat illegal immigration, and more could be headed to the Lone Star...

Dear Texas
If you agree to secede within the next 48 hours we will throw in Florida as a parting gift


America - KidsRFirst

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

The state that couldn't stop a school shooter with a single AR-15 for over an hour wants to take on the entire US military.

Mess with Texas. - Patrick S. Tomlinson

Challenger To Putin Should Avoid Balconies

I just don't think "please stop drowning children with razor wire" is a big ask. - Thor Benson

In addition to a mental competency test Nikki Haley should force Trump to take a makeup application test. - Andy Borowitz

Another Dead End In The Hunter Biden Investigation. Yawn.

Trump to his lawyer: “Why should I pay E. Jean Carroll when I’m not even going to pay you?” - Andy Borowitz

Religious conservatives meddling in authoritarian government is technically what got Jesus killed.. - John Fugelsang


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Rock The Voter News

It's wild watching the dudes who couldn't take out a single guy in a school in Uvalde talkin bout a civil war with the federal government. I know your history books are fukced up down there but feel free to google who won the first civil war. - BlackKnight10K

Grotesque Execution By Alabama

Stop thinking killing people is a good response to killing people.
That's my TED talk. - Victoria Brownsworth


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Thanks to President Biden’s infrastructure bill, remote locations on the Navajo Nation reservation are receiving electricity and broadband — for the first time, EVER. - Lakota Man

Business/Tech News

Given that Russia has already taken out Ukraine's oil refineries, it would be appropriate that Ukraine takes out Russia's oil refineries. - Anders Aslund

 Apparently, Tesla Investors Are Losing Faith In The Muskrat

Maybe Jesus hasn't returned because he is horrified by the Evangelicals who are waiting for him? - Brandon Unger

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