Thursday, January 25, 2024

'Trainwreck': Conservative GOP senators break on border, Ukraine deal as Donald Trump pressures Republicans

Conservative Republican senators are growing weary of bipartisan border and Ukraine talks as Donald Trump looms in the background.

I guess I can't believe Mitch is going to abandon Ukraine, after everything he's said about it. I also can't believe Biden will passively let this happen. This is the moment for these two old pols, born during WW2, to step up and do the right thing for the country and the world. - Bill Kristol

Texas Gov Greg Abbott should be arrested for sedition after in essence threatening to secede from the USA. The lesson from 1860 is you can't give these traitors an inch. Arrest them now!! - Dean Obeidallah

I don't know why I should be surprised by Republicans' refusal to fix the border problem, for fear of giving Joe Biden a "win." This is the same party that kept hostages in Iran while Carter was in office so that Reagan could be in office when they were released. - Paula Poundstone

Any word from the Mainstream Media about that missing, Top Secret Russia File, that Trump has not returned?

Seems kind of important. - Brandon Unger

Republican Shenanigans

Nikki Haley: There were 14 people in this race. There were a lot of fellas. It's now one fella and one lady left.

Stephen Colbert: It's pronounced "felon."

Oo, Oo, House Republicans Investigating A House Republican!
The House ethics panel investigating far-right Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has contacted multiple new witnesses and begun interviews, according to ABC News. The House Ethics Committee reopened its probe into Gaetz in July, after the Department of Justice’s sex-trafficking investigation closed without charging the Florida congressman. Gaetz has been accused of sexual misconduct, drug use, and public corruption. In a statement to ABC News, Gaetz mocked the Republican-led panel, saying, “It’s great to see the Ethics Committee has interests beyond trading stocks. They seem to be quite the unusual whales.”

Matt Gaetz sought a pardon for sex trafficking, which is something you only do when you are absolutely not a sex trafficker. - Middle Age Riot


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Just a reminder that Joe Biden got 68,000 votes in the New Hampshire primary. Trump who is strutting around pretending to be important got only 59,000. - Kate


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Business/Tech News

I don’t think that people realize that Benjamin Netanyahu desperately wants Joe Biden to lose this election. Bibi wants his bestie Donald back. - Santiago Mayer

Elon Musk May Have Some Powerful Competition From Porche

Elon Musk's Tesla  (TSLA)  may offer the Model Y performance to customers looking for something a bit faster than the run-of-the-mill EV, but it may not be enough to perform against Porsche's new machine.


  1. Did Ann Richards steal your sobriquet or did you create that meme?
    I love it, either way. Abbot is truly AHNC.

    1. Hate to be the one to tell ya...
      it's not even original with Mz. Richards.
      To hear Molly Ivins tell it (reprints-bits in Cheers-and-Jeers, Daily KOS) it was in use long before Ann started using it for Baby Bush (Shrub).