Monday, January 29, 2024

‘Utter stupidity’: Missouri Republican bids to bring back dueling for senators

State senator Nick Schroer wants to reintroduce dueling to solve political differences in his statehouse.

Texas challenging the federal government, child labor on the rise, and Missouri republicans trying to duel. The 1800s are back. _ JoshuaPHilll

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Last night’s deadly attack on our troops should remind us we have real enemies in this world that wish us harm. Let’s stop attacking each other and stand strong as one people and one nation. . - Gov. Andy Beshear 

No One Is Surprised At Trump's Abuse of the White House Pharmacy.

Who else isn't surprised that Donald Trump is a bigger drug addict than Adolf Hitler was? - MayoIsSpicyy

Republican Shenanigans

Millions of Americans Beg Trump to Defame Them. - Andy Borowitz

Donald Trump was convicted and found liable for sexual assault. Ask yourself if supporting a rapist for President reflects your family values. - The Lincoln Project


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Rock The Voter News

Religious conservatives working with authoritarian government is exactly what got Jesus killed. - John Fugelsang

Oklahoma GOP Censures Their U.S. Senator. Their Neighbor, Missouri, Probably Favors A Duel.
The Oklahoma Republican Party approved a resolution Saturday censuring Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., and attacking the Republican lawmaker for negotiating with Democrats on a potential border deal...The resolution also calls on Lankford to “cease and desist jeopardizing the security and liberty” of Americans.

Can someone please explain why Trump can walk around threatening Jurors, Prosecutors, Judges, Generals, Congressional members, Media conglomerates, Aides, etc., when he has 4 arrests and 91 Felonies, and NOTHING happens to him? - Brandon Unger


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Business/Tech News

If you don't think Donald Trump will end up in prison, remember, nobody thought he would end up in the White House either. - Middle Age Riot

Wow. The House of Representatives Has Been Subpoenaed By The DOJ.

Elon didn't just block Taylor Swift on Twitter. He literally blocked  *EVERYONE* from even searching for her on Twitter. What kind of weak ass snowflake behavior is that? - BlackKnight10K

I Hope Taylor Swift Sings The National Anthem At The Super Bowl

Jesus washed his disciples' feet. Republican Jesus would mow them down with an AR15. - MiMagaWatch

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  1. 😳 Looks like something a Nazi might use thinking they are drinking from the cup of Christ. But, "they have chosen.....poorly!" 🤭