Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Election Day 2023 live updates: Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia among key state races

Voters are heading to the polls Tuesday in several states with key offices and issues on the line. The 2023 contests could provide clues...

Democracy: the only sport where all you have to do to win is show up.  - MuellerSheWrote

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Operation let the dumbass take the stand was a success. - James Scott

So, Israel Is Going To Occupy Gaza, Again. This Is Only Going To Get Worse.

Stormy Daniels: “Donald Trump measures his penis the same way he measures his properties.”

Objectively speaking, Donald Trump is a complete POS and the fact that so many people worship him is a testimony to the power of racism and the lack of decency in this country.

Seriously, do better. - John Pavlovitz

Republican Shenanigans

I’m making a prediction right now. Ivanka is going to wear all white on Wednesday, to try to look innocent and angelic. Maybe I’m wrong about it, but I just wanted to verbalize it ahead of time. - Trixie

Sen. Tim Kaine Thinks It's Going To Get Worse

Trump Tells Judge He Is Not the Boss of Him. - Andy Borowitz

I’m not a Democrat, but it sure seems to me like there’s a lot of premature panicking about Joe Biden going on right now among Democrats. Sheesh Dems, toughen up a little, will ya? - Joe Walsh


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Rock The Voter News

“I Never Lie About Numbers,” Says Man Who Claims to Weigh 215 Pounds. - Andy Borowitz

Taylor Swift May Save Democracy. 🤞You Go, Girl!

Dear Mike Johnson, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott:

I don’t have a problem with you guys being secretly Gay but I do have a problem with you guys being openly anti-Gay. - Captain Obvious


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Business/Tech News

Trump Claims Mar-a-Lago Worth a Billion Dollars If You Count Stolen Documents in Safe. - Andy Borowitz

Foreign Investors Are Leaving China
China logged an unprecedented foreign direct investment deficit last quarter in the latest sign that Beijing is facing an almighty battle to revive the world's second-largest economy after years of harsh zero-COVID lockdowns.

PSA: If anyone is in the market for a 10,000 square foot Manhattan apartment that can expand to 30,000 square feet when you have guests over or need a loan, stay tuned. - 7Veritas4

Has anyone tried making a vaccine out of Keith Richards? - DocAtCDI



  1. You and I had the exact same experience at the World's Fair!n

  2. I was there, too. I saw Michelangelo's Pieta for about thirty seconds.

    1. Ahh, the Pieta covered in blue light and behind bullet proof glass

  3. Was there 3 times in '64. Loved it.

  4. Me, too! I was about the same age. Loved that thick Belgian waffle with the strawberries and enjoyed seeing the Pieta, albeit very briefly.