Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Trump Pimps Article Quoting Bob Woodward 48 Hours After Suing Him for 49 Million Bucks

Trump Pimps Article Quoting Bob Woodward 48 Hours After Suing Him for 49 Million Bucks
Former President Donald Trump is not one to pass up a chance to promote a comment from anyone who agrees with him — even when he just sued that person two days ago

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

The only border crisis in the U.S. is how many red states are within it. - Middle Age Riot tweet

Happy Black History Month!*
*offer not available in Florida - Andy Borowitz

WOW, The Head Of The FBI Needs To Resign or Get Fired. Now.
...The Federal Bureau of Investigation was unable to predict — or prevent — the chaos that erupted at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Apparently blinded by a narrow focus on “lone wolf” offenders and a misguided belief that the threat from the far left was as great as that from the far right, the analysis and other new documents suggest, officials at the bureau did not anticipate or adequately prepare for the attack.

Do a deep dive study of the CIA. I mean really dig in for about a year. Read a book a month…or 2-3. This, I assure you; you’ll never again be shocked by anything you read/see/hear regarding the things people are willing to do. - Jack Hopkins tweet

Santos Quits House Committees to Focus on Job as King of England. - Andy Borowitz

Has The House Solved Inflation Or The Border Crisis Yet?
The House voted Tuesday on party lines to end the Covid-19 public health emergency despite President Joe Biden’s announcement Monday that his administration would end the PHE along with a separate Covid national emergency in May.


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Rock The Voter News

Ron DeSantis has brilliantly locked down the "Fake-Christian-Racists-Who-Already-Support-DeSantis" vote. - John Fugelsang

The FDA Needs To Put Out Public Service Announcements About Abortion Rights

Remembering the Greensboro Four today on the 63rd anniversary of the first sit-in at the F.W. Woolworth lunch counter...Jibreel Khazan, Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, and David Richmond. That Woolworth's is now home to North Carolina's International Civil Rights Center and Museum.


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Business/Tech News

Elon Musk: "You're all fired."

Also Elon Musk: "How does Twitter work?" - Middle Age Riot

Exxon Makes Historic Profit While Republicans Blamed Biden
The White House on Tuesday expressed outrage on Tuesday at Exxon Mobil Corp's record net profit in 2022 of $56 billion, a historical high not just for the company but for the entire Western oil industry.

Q. What's the difference btw trickle-down economics & neon clothing? 

A. People realized neon clothing didn't work before the 80s ended. - John Fugelsang



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

An ice tree in Alberta, Canada.


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