Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hunter Biden asks for criminal probe into Trump allies for 'theft' of data from laptop

Hunter Biden asks for criminal probe into Trump allies for 'theft' of data from laptop
Lawyers for Hunter Biden sent letters Wednesday requesting investigations into allies of former President Donald Trump who they say trafficked in stolen information from his laptop — a dramatic shift in strategy for the president’s son after years of GOP attacks.

Search of Joe Biden’s Home Ends Abruptly After Major Bites FBI Agent. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Will Biden Be Safe Giving The State of the Union Address With Security Measures Removed From The House?
House Democrats are raising the alarm over the security of President Biden and State of the Union guests ahead of the address next week in the House chamber after Republicans stripped down security infrastructure shortly after taking control in their new majority.

It’s OUTRAGEOUS that the Justice Department searched President Biden’s beach house in Delaware yesterday for classified documents (they found NOTHING), but they still haven’t searched any of TRUMP’S other homes aside from Mar-a-Lago.

Why is DOJ treating Trump with kid gloves?  - Jon Cooper tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Removing Omar from committees over anti-semitic comments while rallying behind the 'Jewish space laser'  lady and the guy who dined with antisemites is peak Republican hypocrisy. - Covie tweet

Kari Lake Furious That No One Has Searched Her Home for Stolen Documents. - Andy Borowitz

The FBI Is Investigating Santos and His Theft Of Funds Raised for a Dying Dog, Who Died!

DeSantis trusts anyone to carry a loaded gun without a permit, but doesn’t trust a licensed teacher with a book. - piper4missouri tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted in the Mueller Report that she lied as Trump's press secretary. Since lying is a required ritual in the Republican Party, she's the perfect choice to give the response to the State of the Union. - Marc Jacob tweet

The U.S. Supreme Court Needs To "Divorce" Themselves From Their Spouses
The highly controversial and highly unpopular U.S. Supreme Court isn’t just facing a historic loss of confidence, it’s now facing yet another ethics scandal that is likely to lower even further public opinion of the far-right institution that in under two decades has seen its approval rating slashed...should a Justice’s spouse – in this case the spouse of Chief Justice John Roberts – be able to make millions of dollars recruiting attorneys who are placed into top law firms that argue cases before it?

Imagine being a woman in Florida that votes for men who want to track her daughters menstrual cycle. Sick bastards. - MayoIsSpicyy tweet


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Business/Tech News

Senate Democrat Has Not Forgotten About The Dirty FBI Spy

The Jewish Space Laser is guarded by Hanukkah Solo and his sidekick Jewbacca. - OhNoSheTwitnt tweet

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