Wednesday, October 5, 2022

New edition tomorrow due to unforeseen circumstances at Casa de Karma

 Well, this has been my day so far:

  • 7am: Hardware store for supplies
  • 8:30am: Wood store for framing and moulding
  • 9:30am: Plant nursery
  • 10:30am: Arrived at Casa de Karma
  • 10:31am: I collapsed under the coolness of the rancho

It is hot and muggy here, just like Florida. On our trip over, we had the wood tied to the roof of the car, the backseat was packed with supplies and plants were fluttering out the window  --  so Costa Rica. I love it.

Right now I am in the hotel room in my cabina looking out at the rancho. It's air conditioned and has Internet.

This was from last month having shrimp kabobs with my amigos, under the rancho.

This is the plant I bought at the nursery. It was 6.000 colones or around $9.50. I also bought the one to the right which blooms a pink hyacinth like flower.

And this is me, thanking you for stopping by. I will be back tomorrow.

Peace and love.