Thursday, October 6, 2022

Biden praises DeSantis over storm recovery efforts

Those were the words that Gov. Ron DeSantis gave moments ahead of President Joe Biden's remarks on the ground amid the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian. 

Dank Brandon - bc old white guys who evolve are better than old white guys who say evolution is a myth. - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Everything donald has done to date is just a prelude to far worse things to come. - Mary Trump

House Democrats Want To Kick Ass & Take Names

BIDEN: MbS, yeah, it's me, Dark Brandon. Listen, you folks raising gas prices before the midterms, that's some malarkey. Also Malarkey? Me arming Yemen to the teeth. You feel me? No one f*cks with Biden. (hangs up) - Jeremy Newberger tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Unfortunately, none of the 47 voices in Herschel Walker's head are telling him to shut the f*ck up. - Middle Age Riot

The Barbarians At Fox News's Gate Won

Maggie Haberman is not really sure if Trump's a racist.

Don't buy this asshole's book. - Kona Lowell


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Rock The Voter News

“It’s ok to pay for an abortion, but not ok to have an abortion.” - Republicans

The Secret Service's Secrets Are Getting Alarming
A Secret Service SUV carrying Vice President Kamala Harris was involved in an accident Monday, and agents tasked with transporting her to and from the White House failed to accurately report the incident to their superiors.

Former Oath Keeper testifies that Stewart Rhodes informed him that he was in contact with a Secret Service agent. - Ryan J. Reilly

If conservative men complain that they can’t find a woman, just tell them that the free market has spoken. - Christoq rweet


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Business/Tech News

OPEC reduced oil production in order to drive up prices just one month before the midterm elections. Who pushed for this? Russia, along with Saudi Arabia. And who benefits politically here? Trumps, MAGA politicians and the GOP.

If gas prices go higher, remember why. - George Takei

To Buy Twitter or Not To Buy Twitter, That Is The Question.

The same kinda people who throw those Honey Boo Boo-type child beauty pageants want you to think it's the gay men that are grooming your children. - Liam Nissan

A Hurricane Threatens My Region. Please, Please, Go Away. Wind Shear, Perform Your Magic!



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
That fox will regret his decision in 3...2...


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