Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gets clowned for white boots photo

Ron DeSantis held up civilian emergency volunteers for hours so he could stomp around on his campaign vest and shrimping boots like a petulant...

And DeSantis decided to wear those boots. I love when a Republican self owns himself.

Trump threw paper towels, DeSantis put boots on the ground. - Jeremy Newberger

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Mothers, Take Your Daughters And Flee Florida Before It's Too Late.
Before they’re allowed to take the field, female student athletes in Florida are asked about their menstrual history—and as that data increasingly moves to digital platforms, parents and doctors are expressing some grave concerns about the practice.

I remember having to smack the TV because the channel was fuzzy.

I feel that way about a lot of people. - Deweyoxberg tweet

My favorite Bible story just might be the one where Jesus votes against disaster aid for his own constituents and then goes on twitter to blame Joe Biden for not getting anything done. - Jeff Tiedrich

Republican Shenanigans

Marco Rubio is the type of guy who would crossdress to get on the lifeboat with women and children. - tooronlists tweet

Son Puts Nail In Father's Campaign Coffin
Christian Walker continued to call out his father Herschel Walker, posting two videos on Twitter accusing the former football star and Republican nominee for senate in Georgia of lying about his personal life.

Sorry, Herschel Walker, we don’t need a lying hypocritical asshole in the US Senate. We already have Ted Cruz. - Andy Borowitz

I’m not going to repeat Trump’s racist slur against Elaine Chao, his former transportation secretary and Mitch McConnell’s wife. But if it doesn’t cause you pause, it should tell you how successfully Trump has normalized racist epithets and overt racism. - Steven Beschloss

NYC Mayor To House Migrants On Cruise Ships. Hey, DeSantis, What About Cruise Ships For Floridians Who Lost Their Homes To Hurricane Ian?
New York City Mayor Eric Adams first floated the idea of bringing in a cruise ship to help house migrants arriving in the city a few weeks ago. Now, it appears the city has moved a step closer to making that happen.

Some Native communities must travel 200 miles round trip just to vote. It’s time to bring polling sites to the reservation — wouldn’t you agree? - LakotaMan tweet

Donald Trump sued CNN for causing him “embarrassment, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.” Which is funny, because that’s exactly what he caused America. - Sheldon Whitehouse

Elon to Twitter: “Throw in the Brooklyn Bridge and we have a deal.”

Elon got owned by Ukraine Twitter yesterday and his only way he can win the war that he started is going through with the deal to buy Twitter. - BlackKnight10K


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