Thursday, June 23, 2022

Supreme Court says Constitution protects right to carry a gun outside the home

(CNN) The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York gun law enacted more than a century ago that places restrictions on carrying a...

I’m driving down Broadway in my tank feeling safer, I don’t know about the rest of you snowflakes. - NotHoodlum tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

They're arming people in advance of November. Prove me wrong. - John Pavlovitz

Step By Step. FBI Pounces On GOP's Nevada Chairman.

Hillary Clinton freaking warned you every damned day. - Victoria Brownworth tweet

Republican Shenanigans

I know I don’t say it often enough anymore but in light of today’s SCOTUS opinions, I just want to say if you voted for Trump, F*ck You. - Noel Casler

Inch By Inch. Federal Agents Pounce On Ex-DOJ Official.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Clark, the most recent graduate of the University of F&ck Around and Find Out. - Jeff Tiedrich


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Rock The Voter News

When they arrest Trump I hope they forget to read him his Miranda rights. - Noel Casler

Pence Had The Opportunity To Invoke The 25th Amendment And He Choked! 
CNN released more footage from Alex Holder’s documentary series about Donald Trump and his family, the latest clip showing former Vice President Mike Pence’s reaction to demands that he invoke the 25th Amendment against the former president...“Yeah, excellent,” Pence said after looking at the notification. He then instructed an aide offscreen to have a hard copy printed out for him as he headed home.


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Business/Tech News

The ppl saying Keystone XL would bring down gas prices are the same ppl who said 2 wars w/Iraq would bring down gas prices. - John Fugelsang

supreme court justices should stop crying when people with guns show up at their houses since they just allowed people with guns to show up everywhere. - chrislongview tweet


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