Thursday, May 12, 2022

Jan. 6 panel subpoenas McCarthy, Jordan, three other GOP lawmakers

The subpoenas target some of former President Donald Trump’s closest allies in the House, demanding testimony by the last week of May.

For Republicans, the question is never, "Who is responsible?"

The question is, "Who snitched?" - Middle Age Riot

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Just a reminder that Kevin McCarthy wanted Jim Jordan to be on the Jan 6 committee. Guess what, GOPLeader: now you both get to be part of it! - MeidasTouch tweet

Well, Expect More Mass Shootings In California.
A California law banning young adults from purchasing semi-automatic weapons has been struck down by a federal appeals court as unconstitutional, a big win for Second Amendment advocates in the state and defeat for Governor Gavin Newsom.

Republican Shenanigans

Y'all forced-birth states are ready to manage all the new teen moms, right? Kicked out of their home, unwed, had to drop out of school, can't get childcare so can't work anywhere? I'm sure you have a plan for this, yes? - Nick Solomon

Trump Donor Being Investigated For Bribery During Trump Administration

Senator Josh Hawley wants to strip Disney of half a century’s worth of intellectual property protection —and profits. The GOP aren’t builders - they’re looters. - Paul Cogan


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Rock The Voter News

Susan Collins Calls 911 After Receiving Copy of Constitution in Mail. - Andy Borowitz

Manchin, Once Again, Joins Republicans

That one guy in every fucking meeting when after hours of work and everything is finally settled and everybody is getting ready to leave, says: "Not to be the Devil's Advocate or anything, but I'm going to have to disagree..." and you have to start all over.

That's Joe Manchin. - Stonekettle


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Business/Tech News

Yo, why did no one tell me Elon had his Tesla workers in China forced to work 12 hour shifts 6 days a week and they had to sleep at the factory and couldn't leave? Bro, that's not a job, that's prison. - BlackKnight10K tweet

More Interference By Trump During The COVID Outbreak
Trump officials “collaborated” with the meatpacking industry to downplay the threat of Covid to plant workers and block public health measures which could have saved lives, a damning new investigation has found.

If men could have babies, abortion would be a sacrament. - Stephen King


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