Monday, December 6, 2021

Congressman shares photo celebrating guns at Christmas, days after a school shooting

"Santa, please bring ammo," Rep. Thomas Massie wrote as he posted the image of him and his family posing with guns in front of a Christmas...

Insanity is contagious. -Joseph Heller

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I can’t comment on The Crumbleys until I read a 9-part New York Times report explaining their economic insecurities. - John Fugelsang

One month from today will be exactly one year since the deadly insurrection and coup attempt at our Capitol. Meanwhile, not one elected official, not one former occupant of the WH, has been prosecuted or otherwise held accountable as they continue to poison the body politic. - Steven Beschloss

How Many More Dots Need To Be Connected To Stop The Next Coup Attempt?
A former official for D.C. National Guard has issued a shocking accusation against two generals who he believed perjured themselves before Congress in their testimony about the events of Jan. 6.
In a stunning memo to the Jan. 6 committee obtained by Politico, Col. Earl Matthews accuses Army Gen. Charles Flynn (brother of Michael Flynn) and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt of wholesale fabrications about their accounts of the attack on the Capitol.

Omicron is Greek for, "Anti-Vaxxers are going to kill us all." - John Pavlovitz

It would be nice if parents who are working so hard to keep the teaching of American history out of our schools would do the same about guns. - Andy Borowitz

Apparently, Trump Voters Have Died at 3x the Rate of Democrats

I'm tired of pastors living in mansions, while their flock lives in the fields. - John Collins


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Rock The Voter News

So forcing you to wear a mask is unconstitutional but forcing you to give birth is not. This is beyond the upside down world. - Irishrygirl tweet

I admire the state of Alabama's single-minded determination to be great at college football and bad at everything else. - TheTweetOfGod

Texas Is #1 In Plastic Pollution

In Europe we are closely following the political situation in America. Flabbergasted why these people aren’t arrested yet! - Georgina Stulen tweet


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