Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ransomware gang threatens release of DC police records

A Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate that stole data from the Washington, D.C., police department says negotiations over payment have broken down, with it rejecting a $100,000 payment, and it will release sensitive information that could put lives at risk if more money is not offered.

DAILY REMINDER: Donald Trump killed over a half-million Americans and led an armed attack against our nation's capitol. - Tea Pain


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I wonder if the GOP is having a civil war just so they can put up statues of the losers. - Stephen Colbert



Dear God, Don Jr.'s Wife & Sister Were Hitting On Secret Service Agents.
Two Trump family members got “inappropriately – and perhaps dangerously – close” to agents protecting them while Donald Trump was president, according to a new book on the US Secret Service.

Looks like Don Junior's wife was bein' serviced secretly. - Tea Pain



So China couldn't keep a rocket from falling aimlessly back to Earth, but they were able to sneak 40,000 secret undetectable bamboo ballots into Arizona to tip the election for Joe Biden. Got it. - Jeremy Newberger

Republican Shenanigans

Kevin McCarthy Forced To Fly To Mar-a-Lago To Sit And Listen To Things Trump Would Have Posted On Facebook. - Andy Borowitz

I Liked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Jewish Laser Conspiracy Better Than This.
QAnon-loving Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Tuesday unleashed an insane conspiracy theory about Dr. Anthony Fauci paying to create the novel coronavirus.

Breaking: Dr. Fauci announces Rand Paul in hypocritical condition. - Grae Hall


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Rock The Voter News

Tucker Carlson Claims Hunter Biden Downloaded Music To Laptop. - Andy Borowitz

Dear God, Florida Is Sweeping Jeffrey Epstein's Sweet Deal Under The Rug. Paging Merrick Garland.
A state investigation has cleared two officials with the State's Attorney's Office of Palm Beach County as well as the county's sheriff's department of wrongdoing regarding their involvement in accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's 2008 prosecution and imprisonment.

Trump, a guy who's never won the popular vote, twice impeached, rated the worst president ever, serially corrupt, a traitor, rapist, racist, gave the GOP a perfect out on Jan 6. They could've easily just turned the page. But instead they said, "Nope, we'll stick with him." - David Rothkopf 



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Business/Tech News

You know what is a hoax? Trickle down economics. - ThePubliusUSA tweet

PayPal Is Getting Competition

I'm not sure why Biden's America is trending, but Biden's America is a pretty big improvement. I don't wake up worried we will nuke Switzerland. - Jeremy Newberger tweet


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