Thursday, April 1, 2021

Georgia House passes bill to punish Delta Airlines after CEO attacks Republican voter suppression bill

Georgia House passes bill to punish Delta Airlines after CEO attacks Republican voter suppression bill
The Georgia State House passed a bill that would eliminate tax breaks for Delta Airlines for jet fuel. The vote was 97-73 and moves onto the state Senate.

Georgia would rather damage the business of one of its biggest employers than give water to Black people standing in line to vote. - Mrs. Betty Bowers


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Drugs or asphyxiation? Easily determined. Kneel 9 minutes and 29 seconds on Chauvin's neck and see what happens. - Kona Lowell


Derek Chauvin aka Sick Sadist

Maybe, just maybe, if every single cop in America would stand up and condemn Derek Chauvin and demand he plead guilty, maybe we got a shot. - Ron Perlman



The “Party of Lincoln” is now the “Party of White Supremacy”, the “Party of Insurrection” and the “Party of Child Sex Trafficking.” - Tea Pain tweet


Republican Shenanigans

Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Biden Infrastructure Plan for Lacking Dome to Shield U.S. from Lasers. - Andy Borowitz



Imagine Fearing Yoga. Alabama Does.

Ivanka Trump: “What do you mean, I’m going to have to get a job based on my merits?” - Middle Age Riot



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The Republican Party is doing all it can to bring back Jim Crow and stop Black people from exercising their voting rights. 

For the survival of our democracy, it's time to retire the filibuster for constitutional matters and pass the For the People Act. - Hillary Clinton


Rock The Voter News

Secret Service Worry Major Biden’s Behavior Influenced By Time Spent On Far-Right Dog Forums. - The Onion

I Love That The Media Is So Bored By Biden That They Write About His Dog's Poo
Media critics found the perfect metaphor Wednesday when reporters began filing updates on a specimen of alleged dog excrement that was spotted on a floor at the White House.

Protecting voting rights isn’t everything . . . it’s the only thing. - Vince Lombardi


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Business/Tech News

Man Living In Most Affluent Country In World History Has Nerve To Complain About Being Homeless. - The Onion


Georgia Gets To Drain Rivers At The Expense Of Florida Oysters
The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with the state of Georgia in its decades-long water dispute with Florida, a devastating blow to the Sunshine State’s attempt to buoy its struggling oyster industry.

Pro tip: my uncle spent three years in a basement, hiding from the Nazis. You can distance and wear a mask for just a few more months. - Jeff Tiedrich



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