Friday, April 9, 2021

Gaetz Hires Prominent New York Lawyers Amid Federal Probe

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz has retained two prominent New York attorneys as he faces a Justice Department investigation into sex ...

Thank god it's Friday... unless you are Matt Gaetz. - Liddle Savage tweet


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I'm waiting for the QAnon nuts to claim that the recent gun massacres were carried out by Antifa and BLM supporters, with the intention of providing  evidence to support gun control

They're not giving up their phallic symbols without a 
fight. - John Cleese



Tennessee Now Allows Young Men To Carry Guns. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We’ve watched George Floyd murdered over and over and over this week... Is that what it takes to break the spell of white Supremacy? Do they need to see us die, in order to accept that we actually deserve to live? - Cyrus McQueen



Republican Shenanigans

When the Pharisees paid Judas 30 pieces of silver on Venmo, at least they didn't set it to public & type "Hit up Jesus." - John Fugelsang



This GOP Okie Has It Ass-Backwards

Will the mad genius who gave Matt Gaetz the nickname "Rapey McForehead" please make yourself known? Your Pulitzer is waiting, and has been gift-wrapped for you to take home...  - Jake Lobin



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Rock The Voter News

From Hillary Clinton's emails 
to Merrick Garland's SCOTUS seat,
to Hunter Biden's private images, 
the modern GOP sure knows how to enjoy stolen merchandise. - John Fugelsang



I Wonder Why Trump Didn't Pardon Ghislaine Maxwell
The rancorous fight over jail conditions for Ghislaine Maxwell is reaching new lows, with prosecutors blaming the British socialite and Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend for creating a stink by failing to flush her toilet and her lawyer saying her health is declining in a facility so mucky that even her salad has mold in it.

Just take the damn vaccine so we can get back to normal you f*cking GQP weirdos. - Captain Jordy tweet


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I just got vaccinated by a woman born in Vietnam, with a vaccine created by two Turkish refugees living in Germany and manufactured by a US company run by a Greek migrant.  Thank you, world. - Charles Kenny


Amazon Celebrates Union Defeat By Raising All Prices 150% Anyway. - The Onion

Buy From Your Local Small Businesses Instead of Amazon
Small business closures across the U.S. and the world are creeping back toward their pandemic peaks, according to a report from Facebook and the Small Business Roundtable.

So I accidentally gave myself my own vaccine. The pharmacy tech scooted the tray to me and left and I was like I guess I’m doin this myself?? And just wiped my shoulder with the alcohol thingy and gave myself the vaccine. The pharmacy tech looked at me like I just killed someone. - confinesinhell tweet


Best wishes for a peaceful and lovely weekend.


  1. Do you have anything like cherry blossoms in Costa Rica?

    Marcia in Massachusetts

  2. If they have blossoms, do they also get cherries? What do they do with the cherries?

  3. you mean a tea cup magnolia in bloom? right? Cherry blossoms are smaller and flower shaped not teacup shaped.