Monday, February 8, 2021

Trump Hiding Behind His Own Political Theater

Read: Former President Donald Trump's defense team's legal brief
In a pretrial brief ahead of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, Trump's legal team accused House Democrats of engaging in "political theater" and argued that the upcoming trial is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer president.

Trump should represent himself at his trial like only sane and innocent people do. - Conan O'Brien


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans
Ivanka Says She Should Be Allowed To Continue Reading Intelligence Briefings To Her Dad. - Andy Borowitz


Trump Is Going To Be In Court The Rest Of His Life.
An Illinois judge has ruled that the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago is liable for violating two state environmental laws by sucking up millions of gallons of water daily from the Chicago River without a valid permit...Total fines for the violations could be as much as $12 million.

I was not prepared for how many people are willing to let others die rather than suffer even a moment's inconvenience. - Joseph Brassey tweet


Republican Shenanigans

Lou Dobbs Launches New Venture of Standing On Sidewalk Shouting At People. - Andy Borowitz


Geez Louise
A former Republican Senate staffer has been arrested and faces child pornography charges in Washington, D.C. 

The Republicans know that if Trump is convicted, it will open the door to their convictions.
You can’t punish the King without punishing his court.
They are protecting themselves, not America. - Woman in the Moon tweet



Want unity? Convict the leader who divides us. - The Lincoln Project




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"I hate America, 
I honor treason 
& I like being racially insensitive" just too wordy for a bumper sticker; 
that's why we have confederate flag decals. - John Fugelsang


Rock The Voter News

Republicans Blast Biden’s Divisive Position That People Should Have Food. - Andy Borowitz


The Next Episode of the Stormy Daniels Telenovela Brought To You by Michael Cohen
When he was Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen was hellbent on silencing Stormy Daniels, even arranging a hush-money payment to the porn actress that landed him in federal prison.


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Trump should not receive intelligence reports unless he is banned from eBay. - Andy Borowitz


Surprise. Surprise. Reagan's Trickle Down Economics Was All A Ploy By The GOP.

Before anyone gives Tom Brady a trophy, don’t forget that the Chiefs have the right to exhaust every legal avenue to challenge the result. It would be irresponsible to congratulate the Buccaneers so early. Many many fans are upset. Wouldn’t want them to lose trust. - Abraham Gutman


I love football but I thought this meme was hysterical!


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