Tuesday, January 26, 2021

McConnell backs off Senate filibuster fight with Schumer

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell backed off his demand that Senate Democrats preserve the procedural tool known as the filibuster, easing a standoff with new Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as the two negotiated a power-sharing agreement in the closely divided chamber.

McConnell is suffering from Senate Leadership Withdrawal.

Being in Congress must be the only job in the world where you can encourage a mob to kill your coworkers, in the building where you work, and then just show up to work later that day and act like nothing happened. - Ted tweet


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Georgia electing Ossoff & Warnock was like watching Atlanta burn down the Confederacy. - John Fugelsang


What Is Going On With Kellyanne Conway and Her Daughter? Geez Louise.

I want Democrats to ram the COVID Relief Bill through like its name was "Amy Coney Barrett" - Dara tweet


Republican Shenanigans

Having Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley on the Senate jury for Trump's impeachment trial is like having the lookout guy and the getaway driver on the jury for the bank robber. - Randi Mayem Singer


Republican Infighting Alert!

Matt Gaetz is what would happen if someone tried to make stupid from concentrate, but forgot to add water. - Middle Age Riot


Biden’s Coronavirus Plan Calls for Americans to Stay Home and Watch Impeachment. - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

Banks collected more than $30 BILLION in overdraft fees in 2020. Tell me again how the US doesn’t prey on the people who live paycheck to paycheck again. - Kat tweet


Biden Thrills Mother Nature

Noses are red
Fingers are blue
Snow is so deep
I just lost my shoe. - Meanwhile in Canada tweet




Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
A frozen forest in the Finnish lapland. I see snow people dancing.


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