Monday, December 28, 2020

Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill, avoids government shutdown after nearly weeklong delay

Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill, avoids government shutdown after nearly weeklong delay
President Donald Trump has signed a $900 billion pandemic relief package, ending days of drama over his refusal to accept the bipartisan deal that will deliver long-sought cash to businesses and individuals and avert a federal government shutdown.

Mike Pence’s ski passes in Vail, Colorado were more than $600 COVID-19 relief check. - Daniel Uhlfelder


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Strange how they told us to be afraid of caravans, Muslims, and people of color, but the people doing the most killing and destruction are White extremists. - mmpadellan tweet



Americans Keep Spreading The Virus
Nearly 1.3 million people traveled through American airports Sunday, setting a new pandemic travel record  – despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stay at home to quell coronavirus cases.

During this holiday, I didn't get to visit my folks in Montana like I usually do, or go golfing in Florida, or skiing in Colorado or relax at a resort home in Mexico. But I helped pay for Trump, Pence, and Mnuchin to do so. And it really pisses me off. They couldn't wait 3 weeks? - Michael McFaul


Republican Shenanigans

I know some of you are hurting, in desperate economic straits, suffering from COVID, etc, but no matter how bad it is for you personally, it's  important to remember Melania Trump isn't getting the recognition she deserves from fashion magazines. - Stonekettle


The Danger Of Being A White House Reporter

America is a place where people are infinitely more suspicious about what the $1 they gave to an unhoused person will be used for than they are about the trillion dollars we give to "defense spending" every year. - Maximilian Alverez



2016: Trump cheated and won.
2020: Trump cheated and lost.

Trump's Lack of Empathy Is Still Stunning To This Day


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