Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lawyers at firm used by Trump donate $90,000 to Biden, $50 to president

Lawyers working for a firm providing counsel to President Trump’s re-election campaign donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign.
An analysis conducted by Reuters showed that lawyers working for Jones Day donated almost $90,000 to the campaign of Joe Biden while only $50 was given to Trump’s campaign.

New Poll Shows Trump Losing to Hunter Biden. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Not only does God endorse multiculturalism but He seems to have invented it. - John Fugelsang


Trump Storms Out Of "60 Minutes" Interview. How Trumpian.
President Donald Trump caused a fuss on Tuesday about his upcoming interview on “60 Minutes,” reportedly leaving the set early and then complaining about it online.

Who cares if Donnie walked, skated or stormed out of his interview w/Leslie Stahl?  We’ve seen it all before; we’re bored with his re-runs. The only bit I’d like to see again is the hilarious walk down a slightly steep ramp!  Oscar-worthy! Or at least a People’s Choice Award! - Bette Midler


Republican Shenanigans

Rudy Giuliani is being manipulated by Borat, but we're supposed to believe he isn't being manipulated by Putin? - The Palmer Report


It seems being a criminal is a requirement to be Trump’s personal lawyer. - Darth Putin tweet


Mitch McConnell opposes voting on a pandemic aid bill because he worries it would delay Senate confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. That’s the top priority of Senate Republicans — NOT help for desperate American families. - Jon Cooper

My My My. Meadows Is Trying To Keep Up With The Jones' Trumps.

I'm old enough to remember when "Conservative Christianity" wasn't code for "Totally Rejecting Everything Jesus Taught." - John Fugelsang


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Trump Preps For Biden By Debating Voices Inside Head. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Where’s Hunter Biden?

I don’t know and I don’t care, so long as he isn’t inciting civil war and killing 225,000 people while playing golf. - SockApocalypse NZ tweet

Trump Should Be In Prison For This. And It Wouldn't Surprise Me If Some Of These Girls Ended Up Being Trafficked.
Lawyers appointed by a federal judge to identify migrant families who were separated by the Trump administration say that they have yet to track down the parents of 545 children and that about two-thirds of those parents were deported to Central America without their children, according to a filing Tuesday from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Say it with me: the Senate should be passing the House’s COVID-19 relief bill to help the American people, not rushing to confirm a Supreme Court justice so they can gut access to health care during a pandemic. - Kamala Harris tweet


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Business/Tech News

Doctor Informs Patient Weird Lump On Neck Nothing He Can Afford To Worry About. - The Onion


USA's Biggest Opioid Drug Dealer Ordered To Pay 6.3 Billion Settlement

Potentially Promising Covid-19 Vaccine Hits Roadblock After Testing Reveals It’s Just Shotgun. - The Onion