Tuesday, July 14, 2020

White House turns on Fauci as Trump minimizes virus spike

White House turns on Fauci as Trump minimizes virus spike
With U.S. virus cases spiking and the death toll mounting, the White House is working to undercut its most trusted coronavirus expert, playing down the danger as President Donald Trump pushes to get the economy moving before he faces voters in November.

Dr. Fauci has faithfully protected the American people through six administrations. Real presidents don’t have guys silenced. Mobsters do. - Scott Linnen

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

What kind of sh*thole country undermines its scientists? - Jeff Tiedrich

Ted Cruz Caught Maskless On Flight
American Airlines said Monday that it was investigating after a photo was tweeted of Senator Ted Cruz flying without a mask on one of its regional carriers. A spokesperson for Cruz said he wears a mask while traveling and had taken it off to drink and put it back on afterward.

Here’s an idea: Put Betsy DeVos in an elementary classroom five days a week this fall. - Amanda Carpenter

Republican Shenanigans

If you're condemning Dr. Fauci while defending Roger Stone, I can guarantee that in 10 years you'll deny you did either. - John Fugelsang

Will Trump Pardon Ghislaine Maxwell?
Ghislaine Maxwell is due to appear on Tuesday in Manhattan federal court via video feed for arraignment and bail arguments involving her alleged participation in Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking of minor girls. ... If convicted, Maxwell faces up to 35 years in federal prison

It’s beginning to feel like Dr. Fauci should stay away from windows on high floors. Comrades. - Scott Linnen


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"Trump’s COVID scandal makes what Nixon did at Watergate look innocent. Nobody died in the Watergate scandal. Thousands of people are going to die in this COVID scandal." - Gov. Cuomo

Rock The Voter News

Florida Governor Orders All Children to Work at Walmart and Home Depot This Fall. - Andy Borowitz

Would You Sign Away Your Kid's Life?
A school district in Missouri is requiring parents to sign a waiver in case children become infected with COVID-19 and die.
The “waiver of liability” from Hazelwood School District was shared on Tuesday by attorney Natasha Scruggs.
“I feel sick reading it,” Scruggs said.

If more testing creates more cases, and Trump gets tested every single day, then… shouldn’t he... ya know... be the most likely person in the world to get it? - Sarah Cooper


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Business/Tech News

Once Salk’s polio vaccine was proven in 1955, the government approved it within hours.  
Church bells rang! A nation rejoiced! 

But thanks to problems with manufacturing and distribution, politics, racism and fraud, it wasn’t fully eradicated until 1979. 

24 years later. - Bill Weir, CNN tweet

Let them suck popsicles, Daddy.
This Was Ivanka's Idea. Does She Provide Her Champagne Popsicles To The Unemployed, Too?
A new White House-backed ad campaign aims to encourage people who are unemployed or unhappy in their jobs or careers to “find something new.”
The opening ad in the “Find Something New” campaign beginning Tuesday features ordinary people sharing their stories. A companion website provides links to training and other resources.

I just had a nightmare that someone hugged me. - Sarah Cooper



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The comet NEOWISE glows in the night sky above Nebraska's iconic Chimney Rock. It's too cloudy here to see the comet.


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