Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Anthony Fauci Contradicts Trump on 'Slow the Testing': 'None Of Us' Have Been Told to Do That

Anthony Fauci Contradicts Trump on 'Slow the Testing': 'None Of Us' Have Been Told to Do That
Dr. Anthony Fauci did an about-face on President Donald Trump’s recent coronavirus testing comments by saying neither he nor his colleagues have been told to slow testing down.

Trump Offers Stimulus Checks to Anyone Willing to Come to His Next Rally - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Trump is doing more to protect statues than American citizens. - The Lincoln Project

I’m getting pretty tired of these news cycles where we have endless dances over whether the President meant what he said. Don’t his actions speak loudly enough? - Dan Rather tweet

I Wonder How Many People Obama Would Draw If He Held A Rally For Biden
Former President Barack Obama raised more than $4 million from 120,000 individual donors ahead of his first fundraiser for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
The small-dollar fundraiser Tuesday night will be held online and offers a fresh test of Obama's ability to transfer his popularity to Biden, his former vice president who is now seeking the White House on his own. 

I love love love Sarah Cooper!

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Calls Drinking Glass of Water Proudest Achievement as President - Andy Borowitz

KKKentucky Has One Polling Place for Louisville
With only one polling place designated for Louisville on Tuesday, voters who didn't cast mail-in ballots or show up early could face long lines in Kentucky's primary election, the latest to unfold in a pandemic that's triggered unprecedented election disruptions across the country.

So let me get this straight: Legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act has been sitting on McConnell’s desk for months — and he will directly benefit from his state allocating just one polling place for 616,000 predominantly Black voters?

Can this be any more blatant? - Robert Reich


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Rock The Voter News

Trump made getting a test difficult. And he’s about to do the same thing with mail-in ballots. - The Lincoln Project

Death Penalty Loses Popularity
A slight majority of Americans say they think the death penalty is morally justifiable, the lowest percentage ever recorded, according to new polling from Gallup.
Of those surveyed, 54 percent said they believe capital punishment is morally acceptable, a six-point decline from 2019, according to the survey.

Trump to Hold Next Rally in Bunker - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

“I know being a cop is hard. But some jobs can’t have bad apples.  Some jobs, everybody gotta be good. Like pilots. Ya know, airlines can’t be like ‘Most of our pilots like to land. We just got a few bad apples that like to crash into mountains. Please bear with us.” -Chris Rock

Soon-To-Be Coronavirus Statistic Curses Reporter
MSNBC brought a conversation with President Donald Trump’s supporters to an end after one of them called the coronavirus “Covid-1984 bullsh*t” on live TV.
Vaughn Hillyard was in Phoenix on Tuesday to cover the crowds that lined up for Trump’s event later in the day. Arizona has seen a particularly acute spike in Covid-19 cases this week, and Trump’s event there comes days after his under-attended rally in Tulsa that reportedly enraged him.

Ford Delays Launch Of New Bronco To Avoid O.J. Simpson’s Birthday - The Onion

The upside of hiking in a face mask in 80 degree weather is I inadvertently created my own mushroom grow-house. - Conan O'Brien



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
On this day in 1780, 1,500 Continental troops and militia crush an army of 6,000 British and Hessian troops at Springfield, New Jersey. Running short on supplies, American artillerymen famously use the pages of hymn books as wadding for their cannons.


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