Friday, May 8, 2020

Coronavirus: US death toll tops 70,000 as New York fatalities top 20,000

Coronavirus: US death toll tops 70,000 as New York fatalities top 20,000
Daily increase in epicentre of US outbreak takes tally nationally to more than 70,000

When will America rise up and say, ENOUGH?!?! - Publius tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Joe Biden: "Think about how much fear, how much loss, how much agony could have been avoided if President Trump hadn't wasted so much time."

This Is Probably True
American mercenary Luke Denman, who was captured along with other Americans during a failed coup against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, claimed President Donald Trump commanded the mission in an edited “confession” video that aired on Venezuelan television Wednesday.

Bill Barr Orders Justice Department To Remove Word Justice From Website. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Says Prosecuting Flynn Would Set Dangerous Precedent of Guilty Person Being Punished.  - Andy Borowitz

The two killers of Ahmaud Arbery were finally arrested after 75 days, not because the justice system demanded it, but because the people demanded justice. We will continue to do so until it is served. - George Takei

Lock This Fool Up!
Colorado Republican Chairman Ken Buck is getting some criticism from his own party after it was revealed that he pressured a party official to enter inaccurate election results, the Times-Call reports.
The Denver Post reported this week that Buck, who is also a U.S. congressman, was caught on an audio recording as he attempted to pressure a local party official to submit the incorrect results to set the primary ballot for a state Senate seat.


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Good morning, I want to live. I'm voting for Joe Biden. End of story. - Indian Spice tweet

Rock The Voter News

Trump is selling these useless facemasks.

Q. What do Barack Obama & Fred Trump have in common? 
A. Donald Trump wrecked everything he inherited from them both 
#TrumpDepression - John Fugelsang

Drip, Drip, STOP!
U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts on Friday put a temporary hold on the disclosure to a Democratic-led House of Representatives committee of grand jury material redacted from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.
The block will remain in place while the court considers what action to take. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in March that the materials had to be disclosed to the House Judiciary Committee and refused to put that decision on hold.

Over 70,000 Americans dead.
More than 20 million newly unemployed.
No national testing and trace strategy.
What was the President’s message to the nation this morning?
That I am “dirty” and “going down.”
I have said he’s unfit for office, and every day he proves me right. - Rep. Adam Schiff


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South Korea and the US had their first reported case on the same day. 

Today, South Korea has reduced daily cases by 90%. In the US, 70,000 Americans have died and unemployment has hit 14.7%.

The difference: competent government that heeds experts. Vote for that in November. - Hillary Clinton

Business/Tech News

You couldn't really call Donald Trump a Republican president until he wrecked the economy. - Middle Age Riot

Dept. of Education Puts The Screws To Public Colleges
When Congress allocated money for higher education in the coronavirus rescue package, it set aside nearly $350 million for colleges that had "significant unmet needs."
Most of that money has now been allotted by the U.S. Department of Education to small, private colleges that serve just a fraction of U.S. college students. Meanwhile, public colleges — which serve more than 70% of all college students – are facing a steep drop in state funding.


Scorpion/Wildfire Update: No scorpions inside my home today but I smashed the twin of yesterday's intruder with my foot in my garden. He was scurrying across the gravel. Shudder.
My son's home is safe so far and he may return home tomorrow.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

I'd do that in the Maldives via a jetski to avoid those possibly hungry black finned sharks.


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