Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Bernie Sanders drops out of 2020 presidential race

Bernie Sanders drops out of 2020 presidential race
The senator had a series of poor showings in Democratic primaries around the country, ending hopes for a progressive challenger to President Trump.

They just said Joe Biden is at a disadvantage because he can’t get out there everyday and show the country how good of a president he’ll be... But, on the same token, Trump has been getting out there everyday showing the country how bad of a president he IS... - Cyrus McQueen

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Over 14,000 people who were alive 2 months ago, are now dead because Trump did nothing 3 months ago. #TrumpLiedPeopleDied - irishrygirl

Imagine Having a President Who Listens To Our Intel Agencies
As far back as late November, U.S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing the patterns of life and business and posing a threat to the population, according to four sources briefed on the secret reporting.

Entire Middle East Grateful That Jared Is Busy With Covid-19. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Experts Recommend Disinfecting Television After Trump Has Been On. - Andy Borowitz

I Agree With Trump. He Is Ignorant.
President Donald Trump claimed both ignorance of a White House adviser’s January memo portending the coronavirus pandemic and that his administration essentially followed its warnings — even though he had continually downplayed the threat for throughout February and into March.

Damning Report Finds White House Ignored Skeletal Horsemen Galloping Through Sky As Early As January. - The Onion


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Wish I didn’t have to vote by male for president this year. - OhNoSheTwitnt

Rock The Voter News

Trump Launches Ambitious “Coronavirus For All” Plan - Andy Borowitz

Florida Governor Determined To Kill More Floridians
Aerial footage above South Florida shows hundreds of residents risking possible coronavirus exposure — lining up to get paper applications for unemployment benefits as the state tries to fix problems with online filing.

If Bernie Sanders had done this on April 7th 2016, Hillary Clinton would be president. - Hillary Warned Us tweet


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Business/Tech News

Note to -parishioners “who would rather die than not go to church: you are cultists. - Stephen King

Thank You Netflix!
Netflix announced that its new comedy series based on the concept of President Trump's newly launched space force will premiere next month. 
The new series, starring famed comedic actor Steve Carell, will hit the streaming service on May 29, the company said on Wednesday.

I'm kind of getting used to staying at home 24 days a week, 365 hours a day. - J Rehling



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Time To Deflate Photo

Salt flats in Bolivia. Growing salt is hard, hard work.


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