Monday, June 4, 2018

Trump shot the sheriff but not the deputy. Yet.

Giuliani: Trump could have 'shot James Comey' and not be prosecuted
The President's attorney said Trump would face impeachment rather than prosecution if he had shot former FBI Director James Comey in the Oval Office to end the Russia probe instead of firing him, which Trump did last May.

“The idea that a president can’t obstruct justice died with King George III, with a brief attempt at revival by Richard Nixon.” - Washington Post

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Over the weekend, Trump’s lead attorney proclaimed the President can commit murder, then pardon himself and serve no time.
Should we call him “Kim Jong Trump” or “Agolf Twitler?” - Tea Pain

Newspeak Is Coming 
President has tapped the former head of the Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank, to run the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
The White House on Friday announced its plans to nominate Michael Pack to lead the agency, which oversees Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting Networks and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Imagine if “religious freedom” people cared as much about the rights of Muslim people as they do about the rights of Christian cakes. - OhNoSheTwint

Republican Shenanigans

Why does Melania get to avoid Trump while the rest of us are stuck with him? - irishygirl

Melania To Appear Tonight At A Gold Star Dinner. No Press Allowed.
First lady Melania Trump is expected to attend a White House event on Monday evening to honor Gold Star families, her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, confirms to CNN.

In a 7-2 decision the Supreme Court has just ruled a Christian baker can violate the teachings of Jesus for religious reasons. - David Feldman


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Hey, @NRA: You know why hunters #WearOrange? Because they're afraid of being shot. Just like the rest of us. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Rock The Voter News

Imagine if our corporate-controlled media could get as riled up over Trump's dismantling of democracy as they do about a blow job Bill Clinton got 20 years ago. you might say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one - Jeff Tiedrich

I Cried When I Read This. What Is Trump Hiding? And Where Are The Missing Children?
Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley posted a video showing he was denied entry to an immigrant detention center housing children who had been separated from their parents.

With all the problems we’re facing, I know I woke up this morning and said to myself “damn it, Bill Clinton had better apologize to Monica Lewinsky for their consensual affair, that she initiated, and he was repeatedly punished for, over 20 years ago.” - John Aravosis


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Business/Tech News

And it gets even stranger. WH says Melania will not be attending any events or working until the END OF JUNE. 
All events of hers have been canceled.  All of them.  This is not BeBest. - Pesach 'Pace' Lattin

You call that a gun?

Australia Has Strict Gun And Banking Laws. Unlike The USA.
Australia's largest bank has been hit by a record $531 million fine for delays in reporting tens of thousands of transactions – a breach of the country's anti-money laundering and counterterrorism regulations.

Just pardoned myself for the two donuts I ate this morning. - Kumail Nanjiani


Over halfway to the goal! Thank you!


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The little truck that could.


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