Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Trump Feelings Chart

Top U.S. intelligence official: Foreign hackers are spying on presidential candidates
The nation's top intelligence official says the U.S. has seen indications of foreign hackers spying on the presidential candidates.

Under President Trump the Supreme Court will just be him using 9 different voices. - OhNoSheTwitnt

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Trump will announce the list of the jails he'll use to imprison the generals who disobey his orders.- LOLGOP

Trump says he"s "open to meet Kim Kong Un." 
They'd be fast friends, so much in common! They're both deranged brats with awful hair. - The GoodGodAbove Tweet

UK To Shake Up Their Prisons
The government's planned new laws have been set out by the Queen - including the biggest prison shake-up in England and Wales "since Victorian times".

Republican Shenanigans

Finally, Trump will release a list of words you will no longer be allowed to use to describe his snausage fingers.- LOLGOP

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett was named as one of 11 potential justices whom Donald Trump would consider nominating for the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday.
But in recent months, the jurist has appeared skeptical of the now-presumptive GOP front-runner and seemed to openly mock him on Twitter.

Donald Trump's ex-girlfriend says her quotes in the New York Times expose this week were twisted to sound negative, but that she didn't have a negative experience with Trump. Then she said, “Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go drive the new Porsche I can suddenly afford.” -  Jimmy Fallon


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What Is Going On Here?
Bernie Sanders' mini-winning streak continued with his victory in Oregon on Tuesday, but the day was not without its downside.
Nevada's Democratic Party filed a formal complaint on Tuesday accusing the Democratic hopeful of inciting "actual violence" among his supporters during a chaotic state convention on Saturday. 

I wish the Democratic candidates would take up the Zika issue today. Would be great to see them stand together on a public health crisis.- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

Racists Be Racists
Trump’s bigoted base: Keeping minorities down is the No. 1 issue for the billionaire’s backers — it’s not a theory, it’s a fact
Data shows Trump voters, above all, are motivated by negative feelings about people who aren't like them


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Biz/Tech News

The GOP is worried about working Americans getting compensated for overtime. Not so concerned about CEO pay rising 90X faster than workers. - LOLGOP

Obama Is Playing Hardball With The Chinese
The US raises its import duties on Chinese steelmakers by more than fivefold after accusing them of selling their products below market prices.


How I Feel When I Receive A Donation

So close to $2000, Yet So Far Away!


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Wild Cherry Trees in Nara, Japan.


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