Friday, June 14, 2024

Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era federal ban on bump stocks

Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era federal ban on bump stocks
The Supreme Court on Friday ruled that a "bump stock" attachment does not convert a semiautomatic rifle into a "machine gun," which is prohibited under federal law. The 6-3 vote aligned with the conservative supermajority's previous decisions in gun cases, such as its 2022 decision to expand gun rights.

The Supreme Court just protected Americans' right to be massacred in greater numbers. - Tea Pain

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

Putin is nervous because Biden's new Russian economic sanctions are so severe he may have to lay off several Republicans. - Sundae Divine

Putin's Pals Are Hard At Work
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said former President Trump criticized the $61 billion for Ukraine passed under Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) leadership and signaled his disinterest in sending the war-torn country more support during his Thursday meeting with House Republicans.

Tonight at Mar-a-Lago Mike Johnson is going to jump out of a birthday cake for Trump. -  TheUSASingers

Republican Shenanigans


Where is Merrick "No One Is Above the Law" Garland?

The Republican House of Representatives is being run by the same people who participated in the J6 Insurrection. - Brandon Unger

There’s a debate in two weeks and if there are any questions on sharks and batteries Joe is in trouble. - Taunt the Elephant

I Imagine That This Type of Behavior Will Be Increasing As The Election Nears

Ginni Thomas Fears She Is No Longer Most Treasonous Supreme Court Wife. - Andy Borowitz

Happy flag day to Mrs Alito. - Molly Jong-Fast

Mitch McConnell has been Kentucky's Senator since 1985. 
At what point does the state realize their problems can't be blamed on Democrats? - Robert Werner

Imagine What He Hasn't Reported

Someone should check Clarence Thomas' garage for a new RV. - Alex Cole


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Business/Tech News

Tesla Announces Plan To Add Up-Skirt Cameras On All Vehicles. - The Onion


Wishful Thinking?
Former Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan called on the newspaper’s billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos, to “save the Post from his own mistake” in appointing British media executive Will Lewis as CEO.

Remember when he lowered taxes and scheduled them to rise over the next several years, just for the middle class?

Because I do. - John Collins

Joaquin Phoenix. This is a photo from a campaign against animal cruelty.  
Photo by J├╝ergen Teller.



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Edward Hopper, Sunlight on Brownstones, 1956. I admire his style. It has a crisp starkness and yet cozy in a familiar way.

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