Thursday, June 6, 2024

My deepest sympathies to the future cellmate of Steve Bannon

A judge will consider the DOJ's request to have ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon begin his four-month prison term in connection with his...

Fun Fact: The judge that is sending Steve Bannon to prison was appointed by..........

Donald Trump. - Alex Cole

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Just remember that the brave men who died this day 80 years ago were call suckers and losers by tRump. Let that sink in. - Paul Burns

I kept it together during the moving ceremony this morning but broke down crying when the missing man formation flew over.

Welp. This Republican's Projection Backfired On Him. Good.
“The CBS News investigation also found his [Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX)] Combat Infantryman Badge from Afghanistan was revoked from his service record in March 2023 because Nehls served as a civil affairs officer, not as an infantryman or Special Forces soldier. The congressman continues to wear the Combat Infantryman Badge lapel pin on his suit,” reported CBS News in May.

"They put themselves here for what? Because it was the right thing to do... they were not gaining territory, they were not here for riches, they were not here to conquer anything. They were really here in order to mend the future." Tom Hanks reflects on the heroes of D Day

I would really prefer my kids didn’t have to storm the beaches of Florida one day to fight Nazis. - Rick Lenzie

Tommy Tuberville Opposes Contraception and All Other Polysyllabic Words. - Andy Borowitz


Oddsmakers Are Going With A Man of Color For Trump's VP
Oddsmakers are keeping a close eye on the race to become Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick — with just months until November’s election.

The fact that there were so many Republicans to vote against birth control is proof that we need more birth control. - Andy Borowitz

So...why isn't the NRA supporting Hunter Biden? - Larry Middleton


If He Goes To Prison, Who Will Do His Hair? Oh, My!
A former federal prosecutor says there is an “appreciable chance” former President Trump could be in prison until the end of his life if he loses the 2024 election, remarking on the number and scope of criminal prosecutions against him.

Turns out I’m “woke.” All along, I thought I was just compassionate, kind, and good at history. - Brad


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Dwight Eisenhower would be ashamed of the Republican Party. - Liam Nissan

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A soft civil war has already begun, GOP’s reaction to Trump’s conviction is a preview of how they will behave when he loses the election & claims otherwise. WSJ, MSM & Corp USA will go along with it as will Big Oil & Pharma. They will be abetted by all sorts of morons & treasonous fools. Your local PD & FD are probably already MAGA & militias are ALL over USA now. Don’t wait until it is too late. Musk will also be key in all the chaos as will X, Tik Tok, etc, which is populated with grifters & charlatans milking the mentally enfeebled for a few bucks before it all burns down. Vote Blue. Stop Trump. - Noel Casler

Good News! Tomorrow Is National Donut Day! And There Are Free Donuts!

“Freedom is worth it. Democracy is worth it. America is worth it. The world is worth it,” Biden says of the sacrifices of D-Day and, it seems, today’s fight against authoritarianism. - Jim Sciutto, CNN



  1. I love the Atacama Giant's matching boots and mini skirt and its TV antenna hair job. Not an alien? Looks straight out of the Jetson's to me.

    1. Nothing would surprise me in this day and age.