Friday, June 7, 2024

Former Trump aides Mark Meadows, Mike Roman plead not guilty in Arizona fake electors case

Two former top Trump aides pleaded not guilty in Maricopa County court Friday morning for their alleged efforts to overturn the 2020...

One of the worst of the bunch. Mark Meadows. He was there each day. He saw it all. He knew it all. He PARTICIPATED in it all. Mark Meadows is a f*cking traitor. - Jack Hopkins

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

New Rule:  Political parties who reject democracy & want to disband NATO don't get to pretend they care about D-Day. - John Fugelsang

Republicans Are Traitors and Damn Proud Of It!
A visit to the Pennsylvania House floor by two former police officers who helped protect the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot of 2021 drew boos and walkouts by some Republican legislators this week.

Republican Shenanigans

Dr Phil on Trump carrying out his revenge and retribution:  “He didn’t say that.  If he did say it he didn’t mean it.”

Dr. Phil went from scolding out of control teenage girls to fully supporting an out of control old guy. What a career arc. - Jeremy Newberger

Apparently, There Are Trump Supporters Willing To Get Heat Stroke
Supporters of former President Donald Trump braved extreme heat on Thursday as they waited to see the presumptive GOP nominee. Local media reported that Phoenix Fire officials announced 11 people waiting for Trump were taken to area hospitals due to heat-related illness.

How the media found a way to talk about Bidens shoes when Trump has to start wearing an ankle monitor is how you know our civilization is finished. - BlackKnight10k

Prison Guards Dreading Body Search of Bannon. - Andy Borowitz

Ooooh, That Smell...

You’d think Clarence Thomas taking bribes from GOP billionaire Harlan Crow & Samuel Alito taking bribes from GOP billionaire Paul Singer & Neil Gorsuch taking bribes from GOP billionaire Philip Anschutz & Brett Kavanaugh getting his debts paid off - would be a bigger deal. - anyonewantchips


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Business/Tech News

Is the Biden economy creating too many jobs? - New York Times Pitchbot

Musk Knew. That Is Why He Bought Twitter and Turned It Into A Sewer.

You’re awesome.

Just a reminder.



I concur. Yesterday, I was playing fetch with Taco. After one throw it felt as though someone stuck a hot poker in my tricep and then it disappeared like magic.

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
The Bridge Of Immortals, Mount Tai, China. I love how the tree is growing right out of the stone.


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